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Now I’m cooking in Cambodia, but I’ve been eating most of my meals at the dorm cafeteria here at the Christian wat. For that and another reason, I don’t have many recipes to post during my stay in Cambodia, but you might find a new one occasionally. I just posted one this month (June, 2016).  Please feel free to look around. I know there’s still some work that needs to be done. Please let me know if you see any broken links, ok? Thanks.




Note:  Please do not take the photographs or art here for your own use without first asking me for permission. Thank you. The featured representation of me that greets you here on the home page was put together using Rinmaru’s mega anime avatar creator. I did not draw it. All the artwork and the game belong to Rinmaru. I only used it to assemble something in my likeness (or pretty close, I hope) for this website.  Rinmaru is not affiliated with, and does not endorse Miss Jessie’s Kitchen. Miss Jessie also does not endorse fiction, but enjoys using Rinmaru’s dress up games and anime creators for artistic and creative purposes. 

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