This can be an awkward topic, and while it can be helpful to men, because it includes the kind of cramps you get as the result of a lot of exercise/strain on the muscles, it also includes the kind that women get a few days of every month…

I don’t like to take Ibuprofen or other medications. They have some risky side effects, and, although I haven’t experienced (that I’m aware of) any of the side effects, they don’t seem to work very well.

But there are several natural ways to remedy this.

First, for the regular, exercise related/muscle cramps.

When I know I’m going to be working out a lot, or walking a lot, I can expect to ache at the end of the day, although I don’t always. To prevent this, I like to eat a banana or two at the start of my day, just a few or couple hours or so before I’m going to exercise/walk a lot. Bananas are packed full of potassium, which helps to relieve/prevent the cramping. It’s also not very acidic, so it doesn’t have as high a risk of causing a belly ache.

Hot and cold treatments, or hot or cold treatments, such as a nice, relaxing, hot bath may also work on those sore muscles. This may not work for everyone. Some may prefer cold treatments instead of hot treatments or hot and cold treatments. The hot treatments are what works best for me.

Peppermint oil/menthol (and possibly eucalyptus oil) also work wonderfully for relieving muscle cramps. If I have been carrying around a heavy bag, or my feet are especially sore from walking a lot, I like to rub vapor rub (there are also other rubs with one or both of the oils, that are used for massages) onto the achy spots. Self-massaging the rub into the skin works especially well.

For neck cramping, massaging between the neck and shoulder as you turn your head and hold it to the left or right should help to at least temporarily relieve the discomfort and help  you to be able to turn your head easier.

I’m sure there are other ways, too.

Reducing salt intake may also help to reduce the risk of cramping. Too much salt may worsen cramping, as well as headaches.

Now…men may not want to continue any further. The rest applies only to women.


For those womanly cramps, so long as they aren’t related to the ovaries (ovarian problems are  different, this is for general cramping), bananas also work. Eat one or two bananas as you feel the pain coming on, and wait a few minutes.

Hot or cold treatments (some find that heat works, others find that cold works), also can relieve the discomfort.  When a heating/ice pack is not available, and a wet cloth will be to messy or inconvenient, a little trick that may be helpful is to rub some hot and cold treatment medication, or possibly also some vapor rub, on the aching spots.

Chamomile tea can also help to relax the stomach, and the warm liquid may bring some comfort.

Try to eat something, especially something warm and high in potassium. Avoid sugar, especially refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup and similar sugars, which may worsen cramping.

This may be updated later as/if I learn more.


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