Digestive System

This may be an awkward topic. Not everyone likes to talk about these things, and it can also be quite embarrassing. This post is not for the overly squeamish or easily disturbed.

Here are some ways to help your digestive system to function better.

The first way is to not over eat. If you over eat, the food takes longer to go through your system.

The other way is to eat a lot of fiber. Fiber helps to push the food through your system, and to clean out your digestive system.

Another way is to stand up/exercise.  Sitting, especially slouching, can pinch your digestive system, making it difficult for the food to go through all the way. Going for a walk a little while after a meal (and not a brisk/fast walk, but a relaxing walk) and standing up straight as you walk also helps.

Seriously, undo the belt, and try not to wear tight clothes. These also can pinch the digestive system.

Try not to eat too late at night or right before bed. Your digestive system slows down as you sleep.

If you did eat too much, or you ate too close to bed time, and your food is still in your system in the morning, there are some ways to help it continue on its merry way.

One way is, if you have any room for food in your belly (seriously, try not to over eat and don’t force yourself to eat), eat a breakfast that’s high in fiber, like oatmeal (must be cooked well), granola, or raisin bran.

If you don’t feel comfortable eating, it helps to drink a warm drink. Chamomile tea and peppermint teas are some of the best, since they are supposed to help the digestive system. They can also help you to relax. Stress can slow down or prevent the digestive system from working, too. Another warm drink that is helpful is water with a squirt or two of lemon juice. Other warm drinks also work.

Don’t chew gum in between meals. It releases digestive enzymes, and can prevent the digestive system from functioning properly.

Don’t drink anything until at least half an hour after the meal, and if you do, only drink little sips, as food and liquid digest separately. Try to drink as little as possible with your meal. In between meals, however, drink a lot of water. This helps to soften the parts of the food that your body isn’t going to be using, so that it will move through much easier.

I may update more as I find/learn more.

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