Sweetened Cranberries

This can be used in bread, quick breads (so it should also work in muffins), and even as a pie filling. Fri has tried some on fruit, and I’ve mixed some (especially with the syrup that it forms) into either almond or soy (I think almond, but it doesn’t matter much, if at all) milk. I especially like to roll it in bread dough to make cranberry bread.


  • 1 340 gram/12 oz (about 3 cups) of fresh or frozen cranberries (thawed) rinsed, in any juice that comes oozing out of the berries during the thawing (if applicable) process (rinse before thawing).
  • 1/2-1 cup of organic sugar

To Make:

  1. Mix together the two ingredients. Start with 1/2 cup of sugar.
  2. Mash the cranberries (warning, they may pop and explode all over the place, so wear clothes that you don’t care about staining, or be super careful and wear an apron and no or short sleeves).
  3. You do not have to mash thoroughly, but at least enough to open up many of the cranberries.
  4. Mix together, thoroughly.
  5. Taste a spoonful. If the berries are still too bitter and the sugar isn’t helping enough, mix in the other 1/2 cup of sugar.

Keep in mind that the berries are still mostly bitter, but the syrup that this forms will be slightly bitter and quite sweet, so try to keep the berries in the syrup. This will be bittersweet.

This made about 3 cups of cranberries in a  little syrup.

The syrup may also be delicious on pancakes.

If you have an aversion to refined sugar in any of its crystal forms (like me these days, though I don’t always avoid it 100%), you can try maple syrup instead of sugar.


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