Carob Dipped Pretzels

Of course, this carob dip can be used for other delicious snacks, too. I got tired of dipping pretzels and began dipping frozen cherries. Then, I got tired of that and dumped the cherries into the pot to make some candy bars. If I had continued with pretzels, they would have filled 3 or 4 cereal bowls, each containing about 2 cups of mini-pretzels. But, I switched over to cherries, so I had two cereal bowls full of mini carob-dipped pretzels, three large heart-shaped cherry carob candy, and at least 5-7, give or take a few, carob-dipped cherry pairs on toothpicks…


I made these as a farewell treat for everyone, and also because I had been wanting to make them. It seemed to be my last chance for a while. The ministry boss and his family were coming over, and Fri and I were getting together with the guys for one last dinner. The children had made me a cake, and the ministry boss’s wife had picked out a beautiful butterfly journal for me, one that has that tower from France on it. There was a card, too. That was special. They had given me the gift a little later, I think after worship or maybe after the games, shortly before parting for the night. After dessert, I had brought out the bowls of pretzels (having to pry them off of the cookie sheets first). The children liked them, and the guys didn’t care for carob, except one of them, so I sent the remaining pretzels home with the ministry boss’s wife. They were delicious though. The greedy side of me wanted to keep them for myself, but I felt the Christian thing would be to do something nice for the others. I almost gave them to the guys, but I felt like that little bag of pretzels wasn’t enough, and since two out of three didn’t really like carob, I decided to give them both the bag and the half bag…


  • 1-1 1/3 cup nondairy milk (start with 1/3 cup and add gradually)
  • 2/3 cup carob chips (dark/unsweetened)
  • 1/3 cup peanut butter
  • 2/3 cup organic sugar
  • 4 cereal bowls full of mini-pretzels (or about 8 cups of mini-pretzels) or whatever else you would like to dip (I recommend dry foods, as the juicy frozen cherries made a juicy mess).

To Make: 

  1. On medium or between low and medium heat, stirring constantly, melt carob chips in 1/3 cup nondairy milk.
  2. Melt in peanut butter, stirring constantly.
  3. Dissolve 1/3 cup sugar, stirring constantly.
  4. Taste (Be careful, it’s hot! Poor Fri…I still feel a little sorry about it. We were out of clean spoons, so I used a fork to get a second opinion, because I thought it was a little too bitter, and some of the sauce dripped on her arm, burning her. Poor Fri…I’m so sorry!). If the carob sauce is sweet enough, you don’t need the rest of the sugar. If it’s not, add the other 1/3 cup sugar, or a little less if you only need a little more. I used about 2/3 cup, although Fri said it was good at 1/3 cup.
  5. When the carob sauce is smooth, reduce heat to low and begin dipping pretzels. Be careful. It’s hot! If it doesn’t seem to get smooth enough, add a little more of the non-dairy milk.
  6. Dip the pretzels up to about half-way. Try not to get your fingers in the sauce. Dip quickly, and then lay them down on wax paper on cookie sheets.
  7. If sauce thickens, reheat, stirring constantly, until smooth. Add more milk if necessary and continue dipping.
  8. Place cookie sheets in the freezer or fridge (freezer is best) to re-solidify the carob dip. Carob dip left in the fridge will be creamier. In the fridge they will be firmer.
  9. Serve immediately, or transfer to freezer bags or another container.
  10. They keep best in the freezer. Do not leave them out too long in the heat. They won’t melt right away (unless it’s very hot, but they’re fine at room temperature for a couple hours at least), but when they do start to soften too much, they’ll stick together. Keep in the freezer when not eating.

They’re great for entertaining guests, and make a delicious snack. Takes a while to make, but quick to pull out of the freezer later.



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