My dear Fri made some delicious Wäxthusbullar, or “Greenhouse balls.” They’re a very different kind of meatless meatball than what I’m used to. When she offered some to me, warm and fresh, I popped one into my mouth after another. They’re delicious!

They’re also good with sauce and pasta. Fri eats them with potatoes and “brown sauce,” which is gravy.

This recipe is from a Swedish cookbook, but she translated it into English. Fri also sometimes bakes them instead of frying them.


  •  250 g tofu
  •  2 ¼ cups walnuts
  •  1-2 onions
  •  1 1/3 cups bread crumbs
  •  1 ¾ cups soy milk/soy cream/coconut milk
  •  soy sauce
  •  2 tsp all spice
  •  1-2 tsp white pepper
  •  1 tsp salt/herb salt
  •  2 tsp coriander

To Make:

  1. Grate the tofu and chop the onions and walnuts.
  2. Mix all ingredients. Roll into balls and fry in oil.

I should ask her how many this makes and how much soy sauce she uses. I’m not sure if she used a single batch or double batch, but it made a lot, enough to take to potluck, and they keep well in the freezer and reheat easily in the microwave. I’m pretty sure she also used some fresh cilantro in these.

ToastwstrawjelJessie: Dear Fri—how did you make these, exactly?




Fri: Hm, good question… I don’t really know how many it makes but when I only did one batch for potluck. And yes, the cilantro was fresh but I actually think that it’s supposed to be ground coriander in the original recipe.



ToastwstrawjelJessie: That’s fine. I’m looking for how you made them.



Toast emoticon is made by Hazel Wildfire. I claim no ownership of this and you need her permission to be able to use these, so if you would like to get in contact with her, let me know, and I will see what I can do.

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