Open-Faced Blueberry Bagel

And you probably correctly guessed two out of three of the ingredients just by looking at the title.


  • 1 bagel (May I recommend a blueberry, whole wheat, multi-grain, or plain bagel?) Cut in half  (or separate halves if already cut).
  • 2 handfulls of blueberries, rinsed
  • peanut butter or vegan/non-dairy cream cheese (I recommend plain or fruity flavors.) Sometimes I use both. I recommend kinds of cream cheese like daiya or tofutti, but not go-veggie. Go-veggie melts like butter/margarine. I recommend a kind that will either not melt, or will only melt a little, as it helps to hold the blueberries in place and makes less mess.

To Make: 

  1. Toast bagels to preferred toasted-ness (I like mine best golden brown or brown.) I do not recommend burning, as the charcoal taste may overpower the fruit.
  2. Spread bagels with a generous portion of peanut butter or vegan/non-dairy cream cheese.
  3. Line up blueberries, close together, around the top of the bagel, pressing into the peanut butter and/or cream-cheese to keep them in place.

That’s it! Have a nice breakfast.


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