Open-Faced Cheese ‘n’ Jelly Bagel

Another sweet, simple, and possibly obvious recipe.



  • 1 bagel
  • vegan cream cheese (I recommend tofutti, daiya, or something similar, which will melt only a little (if at all) on the bagel. I don’t recommend Go-Veggie or similar brands, because they melt like butter. I recommend plain or fruity flavors, like strawberry.)
  • jelly (I recommend grape, strawberry, or other berry flavors.)

To Make: 

  1. If bagel is not sliced in half (you know, a bottom and a top half), slice bagel.
  2. Toast bagel until desired brownness. I do not recommend burning the bagel, even if you usually like burned toast or bagels, because not only is it (as far as I know) not healthy, but mostly because it will add a potentially undesired bitter flavor that will interfere with and/or overpower the sweetness of the bagel.
  3. Spread with cream cheese to desired thickness.
  4. Scoop out small globs of jelly and drop onto bagel, on top of the cream cheese, making a pattern of “cream cheese” “cream cheese with jelly on top” “cream cheese” “cream cheese with jelly on top”, kind of like stripes, only your bagel doesn’t have to look perfectly striped. Mine doesn’t look striped at all.

That’s it…Pretty simple. You probably could’ve figured it out yourself. I hope you like it!



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