Practice post deleted. Frustrations vented. Prayer lifted. At least I can think clearly now.

Life is like a puzzle. No, life is a puzzle.

And I’m probably not being clear enough.

Maybe it won’t make any sense in the long run.

Maybe it doesn’t make any sense now.

I loved Canada. I could have settled there for a long time. But, I wasn’t brought there to do the work that I was hoping, nor what I was originally asked to do.  In fact, at some point he wouldn’t let me do any of that work, because there were students who would do it for free, and he needed me to focus all my attention on work that I was not qualified to do.

Naturally, although I improved, eventually I had to admit that I didn’t know what I was doing. I have a feeling that it didn’t matter anyway, because he had told me a few times already, “This isn’t working.”

And of course, he thought that would be constructive criticism to tell me that it wasn’t working. Of course, it wasn’t. Although I tried to work better and pray harder, eventually I burned out…and it was all for nothing anyway.

They didn’t have enough media work for me to do, and I wasn’t good at the office work, so he asked me to stay as a student. That meant he wouldn’t pay me for the media work that I did. Not only that, but I’d have to find a way to provide my own food and housing. I didn’t have that kind of money (I barely had any), and I had already graduated with an associate’s degree in media, so I couldn’t have stayed to give him free labor even if I wanted to…

So a kindhearted friend let me stay with her. I had another job opportunity to work in media, but it fell through because I can’t drive, and they need someone who can get around on her own.

And so it was that I ended up spending a couple months putting together puzzles with that dear friend—and I am thankful for that time we had together. It was an answer to prayers, and I enjoyed spending time with her.

And I got to thinking, life is like a puzzle…

Puzzles don’t normally come all put together. The people make the puzzles and then put the pieces in a box, and those pieces still need to be assembled.

Some puzzles look like they should be easy, but they aren’t. Some look like they’d be hard, but they aren’t. Some are as easy or as complicated as they look.

Sometimes it was clear what pieces went together. Some pieces even came stuck together.

And, of course, there are pieces that obviously don’t fit together.

Then there’s pieces that look like they go together, but you can’t get them together, and sometimes you forget and keep trying to put them in, but they won’t go.

There’s even worse pieces, that come together, but there’s something odd about them. When you realize that they don’t fit right and try to take them apart, that part of the puzzle comes apart, like an explosion, pieces flying everywhere.

There’s pieces that fit, but fit so loosely that you can’t be sure.

There’s those sneaky pieces that seem to fit perfectly, right color, pattern, and shape. It’ll sit just fine where it seems to belong in the puzzle, and you can begin to form some of the puzzle around it, but you notice later that something’s not right. Maybe the frame is too long on one side, or no other pieces that you know go in that side of the puzzle will connect to it. That piece has to come out, and the right piece, which looks almost identical, goes in.

And of course there’s sometimes missing pieces, especially in a puzzle that’s been handled. Sometimes it only takes once to lose a piece. Thankfully, at my friend’s, we didn’t have to deal with any missing pieces, although it often seemed like there would be a piece missing. Then there’s those pieces that fall on the floor, that you have to look for.

The final boss of puzzles, the shapes were very strange, and it seemed like it would be the most difficult puzzle we had to complete. Mission impossible, it seemed, as we gazed at the pieces. Not in the little time we had left to put it together.

And it was challenging, but not impossible. We discovered that the odd shapes of some of the pieces helped us to identify which went together, although it was often very difficult to figure out what went where. We completed that puzzle to view a beautiful picture, perhaps more than the rest—totally worth the challenge.

But God is the maker of this puzzle called “life”.

And that’s what life is like, especially my life. Even now, I know I’m incomplete. I’m not even sure if all the pieces currently in are in the right place. Already, pieces have been taken out of my life that caused my life to shatter, but we pick up the pieces and put them back together, differently every time.

Do I need any further clarification? Comment if you don’t understand, or if I need to follow up with an explanation.

-1 : They hired a new cook. I’ll be working in housekeeping. I had gotten so much better and made so many improvements, but she doesn’t have time to train me, and she thinks that I’m inexperienced. It’s true I have a lot to learn, like placing orders, but I’ve been improving, even learning how to cook more southern food, like fried okra and sweet potatoes with brown sugar, but I really don’t think her accusation is right…anyway, done venting.

I know I’ve made mistakes. I’m certainly no professional. I don’t have it all down. I’m still learning. But, at least I can still make things that I like to eat. I’m also thankful that I’ll still be able to work here, although in housekeeping, and will be doing a little bit of media work. However, I’m worried that it might be in a field that I am not as well trained in, such as web programming, although I said over and over that I’m not so skilled in that area. Please, please pray for me. I love working here. I love being here. I want to do the best job possible, to stay and also for God’s glory and honor. I really need your prayers. Thank you.

Note: Art is by Aqus-chan, a generous artist. If you are interested in her art, please let me know and I will see if I can help you get hold of her. The character featured is none other than myself. Please do not use this art without permission by me and her. Artists do not necessarily support all the views featured on this site, nor does Miss Jessie support all the artists’ views. The artists are dearly appreciated by Miss Jessie for their talent/skill, generosity, and kindness. Thank you, Aqus-chan!

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