Tissue Box Picture Frame

Like the tissue box wall art, this can also go up on the wall. I may try to find more ways to use this, but I’m sure it can be used in scrap booking, home made cards, or you can glue some cardboard onto the back of the picture and add a string or another piece of card board to hold it up. If you know ways to make this craft even better, then please share (as I am new at these and do not have a lot of time on my hands these days).

This craft is much simpler and easier than the already quick and easy tissue box wall art craft.

Carefully cut the top off of your tissue box.

Carefully peel or cut off the plastic from around the hole.

Place your picture underneath, either taping it or gluing it to the frame. You can also use the bottom of the box or a piece of cardboard, sturdy paper (or something else) and glue it to the edges of the back (what would be inside of the tissue box, the plain cardboard part), of the tissue box top. Leave the top unglued so you can slide in your picture. Wait  until the glue is completely dry to slide in your picture. If you do that, you won’t have to put the tape or glue directly on your photo or picture (and it’s good to avoid doing that if you’re not 100% completely positive that you will want that tissue box on your photo forever. I’m not saying the frame will always be stuck to your picture, but you may damage your picture when you try to remove it, if you directly  glue or tape it. I just taped directly though, applying the tape to the back of the picture and the back of the frame.

I have trouble drawing and cutting straight lines, even with a ruler (which I didn’t use), so mine is not even. I inserted a picture of Christ ascending into Heaven after His resurrection from the grave (Acts 1: 9-11, John 3:13)—which I received in a solicitation in the mail—so that I would have something to show you all. It’s still on my wall. I cut the picture too short, so I had to tape it together. That’s the glare that you’re seeing.

You can also glue a piece of plastic or something similar on the back to cover the hole and protect your picture. I didn’t, though, since this was just a simple and quick way to reuse another part of my tissue box.

Tissue Box Frame

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