Chilled Fruit Soup

Can you believe that I actually crave this? It’s delicious, refreshing, lite, and satisfying.


fruit soupIngredients:

  • 1 12 oz can of apple juice concentrate (look for natural brands or brands that just have apple juice and maybe vitamin C.
  • 2 12 oz cans of water (use apple juice can)
    • or 36 oz of apple juice instead of the two above ingredients
  • about 10-12 strawberries or more
  • 1-2 big bunches of grapes (at least enough to fill a cereal bowl)
  • 1 apple (I recommend golden delicious or another type of apple that is sweet or mostly sweet. Granny smith apples are not sweet, and I do not recommend those.)

(Note: Fresh or frozen strawberries, either will do. I used frozen strawberries. You can use green grapes, red grapes, or purple grapes. Do not use the grapes with the thick peels (concord grapes) that are used for juicing. Grapes can also be frozen while fresh, and used later, or used while fresh.)

To Make:

  1. Mix apple juice concentrate and water together in a large bowl or a pitcher. I used a bowl, because I didn’t want the juice to acquire the plastic taste of the pitcher. Or, if just using already prepared apple juice, pour the juice into the bowl or pitcher.
  2. Rinse all fruit well.
  3. Remove the green parts of the strawberries (if not already removed).
  4. Slice strawberries and add to the juice as soon as they are sliced.
  5. Remove grapes from stems (if not removed already). Be careful to make sure all stems are gone.
  6. Slice grapes and immediately add to juice.
  7. Slice, peel, and remove the core and seeds of the apple. (Does not necessarily have to be in that order.)
  8. Dice the apple slices and add immediately to the apple juice.
  9. Stir.
  10. Cover and place in fridge. Chill for at least a couple hours (I recommend about 24 hours.) before eating.

The apple juice concentrate, with added vitamin C, preserved the color of the apples. This sweet, simple soup can be eaten immediately, but is best served chilled. It’s also best to wait about 24 hours, because the juice from the fruits diffuse into the apple juice, turning it a beautiful, bright red color. I took pictures of before the (around) 24 hours and after, to show you the color difference, but the after pictures didn’t turn out, so all we have is the before picture. I like the taste best after about 24 hours, but it should be eaten within a few days, because it is made with fresh fruit, and will go bad if not eaten within a week.

This makes enough for about 5 people. I ate it a few times the first time I made it, and made it again this week. I gave a lot of it to my neighbors, and still had a couple generous helpings for myself.

This is meant to be eaten with a spoon, but you can also drink the juice, too.


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