Jam Tea

jam tea 2Ok, let’s talk about jam tea. Let’s see if any of you can guess where I got the idea. I’m not telling *wink*.

Anyway, jam is a delicious way to sweeten your tea. I have used it in different kinds of herbal teas, such as peppermint and maybe herbal chai (cannot recommend, if it contains spices, such as pepper, which the one I drank did). Honestly, though, jam is best in green tea, though I cannot recommend the use of green tea. It’s also good in chamomile, which I can recommend, and may be good in peach tea and sleepy time teas.

You can use different types of jam. My favorite, so far, is the simple and traditional strawberry jam (not so traditional, though, sweetened with fruit juice). One or two tablespoons work just fine in a standard-sized mug (around 10 oz)  of tea. Jam both sweetens the tea and adds a light fruity flavor.

All you do to make jam tea is brew the tea and mix in the jam. While the tea is still hot, stir in a tablespoon or two of jam into the hot tea until the jelly part is dissolved. Then drink and enjoy. You might want to stir your tea occasionally, especially if your jam is full of fruit preserves, between sips. The best part is the chunks left in the bottom of your mug. It’s delicious.

I like to drink this with breakfast, or in the afternoon while reading a good book.

Try it with different kinds of jams. The one featured in this image, strawberry, is perhaps the best so far, is homemade by Mennonites, sold at a produce store. Your grandma’s or your mother’s (or your own) homemade jam will also work. So does regular, mass produced store-bought jam. Polaner fruit preserves (especially apricot)  is another favorite, and I favor jams sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar.

It’s sweet.

It’s soothing.

It’s delicious.

Enjoy it with a good read, or serve it with some nice conversation with a friend or family.


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