Light Bulb Ornaments

I need more old light bulbs. Maybe I should ask around…

bulb ornament clearSo, now you know you can save those old, used, blown-out light bulbs that don’t work any more (so long as they’re still in one piece. Don’t use broken light bulbs, because those could be dangerous and will probably fall apart on you or cut somebody.).

What you need:

  • light bulb (that no longer works)
  • Sharpie, permanent markers (multi-pack)-Basically, you need Sharpies in different colors and different points. Get some regular and some fine-tip markers. You may also get some thicker tip markers if you’d like, too.
  • string or ribbon
  • tape or glue (strong glue)

Basically, all you do is draw on your light bulb with the markers. You can also color in the drawings. Use your creativity and artistic skill. You can draw trees, snowflakes, snow, landscapes, houses, candy, write “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, “Happy Winter”, “Winter Wonderland”, or whatever you want to write, including names, personalized messages, Bible verses, etc. It’s up to your imagination and skill. Try to turn the bulb as you draw, or set it down in a jar (one that is small enough so that the bottom of your bulb will stick out and won’t fall in) to draw on the bottom. I drew a picture around the middle-top part, turning the bulb as I drew. Even sketches and stick figures turn out nicely. Try not to touch the ink that you just applied, or it might smudge. It does need just a short while to dry. Then I drew a snowflake and candy cane pattern on the bottom, keeping the bulb in the jar to hold it, and turning it as I drew (not at the same time as applying the strokes, but as you finish some strokes, turn to draw some more).

I also like to black out the logo and writing on the bottom of the bulb with the black sharpie marker.

It doesn’t need to take long, or be some big, fancy, exquisite drawing (but it can be, if you have the talent/skill).

When it’s dry and you are satisfied, make a loop with some string or ribbon (to hold the bulb onto your tree, or wherever you plan to put it). Then tape or glue your string/ribbon onto the flat of the metal part (the part that you would screw into the socket if your light bulb was working and useful).

Or, you can screw your light bulb into a socket, if you really want to (and/or don’t have any other place to put your ornaments). I don’t know if it’s wise to use a working light bulb, but you might try it.

I’ve done one so far. I don’t have any glue yet, although I just acquired some shoe lace and I do have some ribbon, so I just held mine in my hand to show you what it looks like as I turned it to take pictures of the different parts of the drawing.

I’m sorry that the pictures are so blurry. I tried to take clear pictures and edit them to be clearer. I’m sure you get the idea though.

bulb ornament bottom bulb ornament 3 Abulb ornament A  bulb ornament 2 A

Have fun. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas! Happy winter!


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