Salvage your Burnt Cake

So…I’ve been trying to bake a cake from scratch. The first one—maybe because I left the oven on preheat and forgot to turn it over to bake—went flat. The second seemed to only want to bake on one side, so I turned it around to bake on the other. By the time it was finished, it was burnt!

Other than that, it turned out though. So…here’s what I did…

  • Remove your cake from the oven. Test it to make sure it’s cooked on the inside. If it is, then it’s still savable.
  • Let the cake cool, but work with it while it’s still warm.
  • While the cake is still warm, run a butter knife along the edges of the pan, to separate the pan from the cake.
  • Turn the pan upside down over a cutting board and shake. You may need to pry the cake out with a knife or spatula or something. Don’t use a sharp nor a pointed knife, because it could slip and cut you. Make sure to pry away from yourself and not toward yourself.
  • Using a knife, cut off the burnt edges of the cake. It might be all edges. That’s fine.
  • You might have to scoop the cake out of its burnt shell, or pull the burnt edges off of the cake instead of cutting them. That’s fine. It’ll still taste the same. Just pat the cake into a circular or square/rectangle shape.
  • Now, assuming that your cake turned out just fine except that it was burnt (if it did not, such as being gooey/under-cooked on the inside, then I recommend tossing it, as it’s no good), decorate your cake. I recommend icing/frosting in or put into a bag or tube, that you can squeeze on the cake. It’s very fragile without it’s outer shell, so you should not try to spread frosting on it.
  • Add candy/decorations/whatever.

It won’t look the same, but you can still eat it, at least.

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