Lemon Tea

Ok…let’s talk about lemon tea. It’s good for you. Seriously.

lemonteaAntibacterial, antifungal, and loaded with vitamin C, lemon is good for your immune system. It can be taken in tea with or without honey to boost your health and resistance, can be soothing when you have a cold in tea or even just hot water with honey and maybe cinnamon too, and also adds a nice flavor to some teas.

When combining with honey, I recommend raw honey. Pure, raw wildflower honey is my favorite. Failing that, clover and orange blossom honey is also delicious.

I put lemon in peppermint tea, but it’s not a pleasant taste. I do that mostly for the health benefits, and I do recommend it—especially when you are coming down with something. For a nice relaxing drink in the evenings or at night (especially after a stressful day), I recommend chamomile or sleepy time tea. In the morning or afternoon, chamomile, or other herbal teas may work.  You can also add lemon to already lemon-flavored teas for an extra lemony-boost. Some examples are lemon zinger and lemon ginger.

I recommend taking lemon in herbal teas—such as sleepy time—at the end of a long day, between an hour to a few minutes before you go to bed (a small cup before bed), with a good read, or in the afternoon with a good read. If you struggle with digestive problems, then I’d also recommend lemon chamomile tea in the morning about an hour to half an hour before breakfast.

It’s soothing.

It’s relaxing.

It’s good for you.

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