Tofu in a Basket (Vegan Birds’ Nests)

Believe it or not, it can be done. Please try not to let the directions frighten you. It’s actually pretty easy. For those of you who do not know what a birds’ nest is (the edible version), it’s typically an egg in (or on) a piece of toast, but can also be made with hash browns (or so I’ve heard). Anyway, here is the vegan version. 


Ingredients For Each Birds’ Nest:

  • slice of bread
  • slice of tofu
  • salt (recommended: sea salt)
  • Turmeric
  • coconut oil
  • vegan butter/margarine (optional)
  • maple syrup or mock egg yolk (depending on whether you like sweet or savory)

To Make:

  1. If you are using the vegan egg yolk sauce (“not egg yolk”) and it is not fresh, remember to warm it up (unless you want it to be cold).
  2. Fill a square or rectangular container with a thin layer of coconut oil. I recommend a small container for one or two slices of tofu. You only need a thin layer of oil to soak the tofu in. I recommend just a Tablespoon or two per slice of tofu if possible in your container. Add a pinch or two of of turmeric and a pinch of sea salt for each slice of tofu. Mix well.
  3. Slice tofu.
  4. Using a clean glass/cup, using the part that you will drink from, press down on the tofu.
  5. Carefully remove the circle(s) of tofu and soak the circle(s) of tofu in the coconut oil mixture for a couple minutes on each side.
  6. Meanwhile, spread vegan butter/margarine on your slice(s) of bread (or rub oil onto the bread).
  7. Use the same glass/cup and press down on the bread to cut a circle in each slice of bread.
  8. Carefully remove the circle(s), but do not discard.
  9. Place the bread on a griddle/flat grill (not a grill with a rack, but a flat one) or in a frying pan.
  10. Place the tofu circles into the hole in the bread.
  11. Fry or grill the vegan birds’ nests. Fry/grill the bread circle’s also. Cook them on anywhere between medium and high heat (or high heat, if necessary), depending on your stove top/grill. Cook until golden brown and then carefully flip. The tofu may fall out. That’s ok. You can put it back in, so long as it hasn’t fallen on the floor (I don’t recommend eating tofu that has fallen on the floor). It should only take 2-5 minutes to cook on the first side and about 2 minutes on the next side (it cooks faster on the next side, because the grill/pan has heated up. Just keep an eye on it and do not cook it higher than you need to. I only say high heat, because some of you may have grills/stoves that do not heat well.
  12. Put the bread circle(s) over the tofu while it is cooking, after you’ve flipped the birds’ nest(s).
  13. Remove from the heat and flip again so that the bread circle(s) are down. If it’s easier, you can wait until your birds’ nest(s) is/are done cooking to put in the circle(s), or you can eat the circle(s) separately or just keep them on top.
  14. Pour syrup or the “not egg yolk” (depending on whether you prefer sweet or savory) over the birds’ nest(s).


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