Bleeding Mouth…

A few nights ago, as I was flossing my teeth, I felt like there was still something wedged between my teeth, so I went at it again. The floss came out bloody and blood started running down my teeth and dripping in my mouth. I was spitting up quite a bit of it! It’s possible that I had tore out a piece of my gums, and that may have been what I felt between my teeth.

When I was little, and my siblings and I would scratch our gums or cut ourselves inside our mouths, or bite our tongues, or in other ways (and loose teeth may also have been a factor in bleeding gums) cause our mouths to bleed on the inside, my mother (and possibly my daddy, too and maybe my grandmother—I don’t always remember exactly who taught me everything, I think), would prescribe warm salt water. Now, it might not seem to make sense to those of us who are older and understand that warm draws blood and cold pushes blood away, and that salt by itself draws out blood, too. But—believe it or not—this actually works. Many of you probably already know this works, having had to try it yourself at some point.

However, I thought that peroxide helped to stop bleeding, so I swished with hydrogen peroxide first. I’m sure the wound was disinfected, but the blood kept coming. Believe it or not, I was actually afraid for a brief moment that I might bleed to death.

But, I remembered that salt water helped, specifically warm salt water. So, I went to the kitchen, mixed up a cup, and swished. Either after the first or second swish-and-spit, the blood stopped coming. Just to be careful, I swished again with peroxide and at least once or twice more with the salt water. Though I carefully finished flossing before another swish-and-spit, I skipped brushing my teeth that night (not wanting to aggravate my gums even more, as they often bleed a little bit when I brush my teeth—possibly because I brush them too hard).  The next day, I was able to floss and brush that spot without any noticeable bleeding (if any bleeding in that spot).

So, yes, that remedy works. However, if you have a really deep and severe wound, you may need more than just salt water.

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