ABC Peanut Butter

ABC peanut butter is produced by the American Blanching Company. They have a fairly impressive website: clean, professional, and attractive with facts about the company and a tour of the plant via photographs and descriptions.

Their peanut butter contains many ingredients that aren’t actually necessary in peanut butter (all you really need is peanuts and salt), but so does many other peanut butters. The taste is simple and low grade, but it is creamy and can be satisfying.

However, I was recently turned off from this product. I had picked up a jar and just opened it to make some peanut butter toast. As I was spreading the peanut butter, I noticed a black chunk in my creamy pb. Pinching it between my fingers, I ran it underwater. It could have been part of the toast I had burnt just before and threw away (it had landed on my plate for a moment before making its way to the trash). So, discarding the black substance, I began again to spread peanut butter on my not-so burnt toast. This time, right off the knife slid another chunk. Growing more suspicious, I pinched this one between my fingers and ran it under water, rubbing my finger and thumb on the chunk to get the peanut butter off. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the silvery chunk had ridges like part of a bug (like a potato or similar bug, or possibly a piece of a roach).

Gagging, I rinsed off my knife, threw away the toast, and threw away the peanut butter.  Some more gagging and retching followed after that. I had eaten two or three jars of this peanut butter before and, as I mentioned, it does have a low-quality taste. But, though it is commonly accepted that peanut butter contains roach and/or other bug fragments, the least this company could do is grind them more fine so that they can’t be so easily detected. I can say that I don’t plan on eating this peanut butter again. Maybe I’ll stick with chunky, too. At least in chunky peanut butter, these bug fragments can be passed off as peanuts. Urp!

This product is definitely not always vegan nor vegetarian, although as a peanut butter it is likely intended to be at least vegetarian.

I give this product 0 stars.


Please feel free and welcome to leave a comment if you have more details to add about this product, be they in agreement, disagreement, or addition to the statements in this post. Thank you!


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