Honey Bars

Honey bars are produced by Mariani and are a product of Canada. Here in the United States, you can find them in the produce section of WalMart Supercenters, where the dried fruits, vegetable chips, and nuts are. They cost around a dollar for each bar, but can also be purchased in packs.

Though I have not tried them all, I have tried several of the honey bars and find them all delicious and fun in their own way. For a while, my favorites were the sesame ones, but now I think they are the chocolate ones. Each honey bar is made from all natural ingredients and no refined sugar. The main sweetener and ingredient that holds the bars together is honey.

Some honey bars are sesame-based, some peanut-based, and others contain granola. The sesame ones are fun to eat, having a different texture from the others. They might give some the feeling of eating birdseed, but I actually like that. Yummy! The nut-based ones with fruit is similar to a trail-mix bar, and the granola ones I imagine (I have not tried as many, if any of those) are like chewy granola bars. The peanut-based ones without fruit, such as the sweet & salty and the chocolate ones (including the chocolate cherry one) are more like a candy bar.

Honey bars have a high fat content, but also contain fiber, protein, and other nutrients such as calcium—which naturally occurs in the sesame seeds. They are vegetarian, but not vegan because true vegans do not eat honey. Besides honey, the bars do not contain any dairy nor eggs nor other animal products.

These bars are nutritious enough to be part of breakfast, but—with high fat and sugar content—at the price of a candy bar or a Little Debbie’s snack pie—they can also be eaten as a delicious and healthy candy bar. I can testify that these are healthy, because they do not contain animal fat nor refined sugar, and some saturated fats from natural plant sources can actually be good for you.

I give this product 4 1/2 stars.


Please feel free and welcome to leave a comment if you have more details to add about this product, be they in agreement, disagreement, or addition to the statements in this post. I would especially like to know if you know where else this product might be found. Thank you!

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