Sleepytime Wellness Tea, Extra Strength

While browsing the coffee isle at our local Walmart super center, I discovered an attractive blue box of sleepytime tea. I drink sleepytime regularly. If my memory serves me correctly, this product took me by surprise, and I picked up the box to inspect it more carefully. Sleepytime ExtraTM Wellness Tea, a product of Celestial Seasonings, is—as most brands of sleepytime that I have seen so far—an herbal tea. Listed on the front in bullet-point is:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • With calming Valerian
  • Classic Sleepytime®  Flavor

In addition to the relaxing herbs already found in the classic sleepytime herbal tea—which includes chamomile and spearmint—this tea contains Valerian. I wasn’t sure what Valerian was, except that it was labeled on the box as a root, but I trusted Celestial Seasonings. After all, I enjoy Celestial Seasonings regularly.

Why was this tea so attractive? Since making certain lifestyle changes, I have been sleeping more and a lot better than I used to, but I still have struggles falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting a good quality of sleep. So, I purchased the item.

Does it work?

It’s certainly not a sleeping pill (and I don’t take sleeping pills, so that’s good). It doesn’t make me drop off to sleep immediately, nor does it force me into the bed at the time that I should be going to sleep. I’m not sure if the tea itself makes me feel drowsy or if it’s the simple fact that it’s late at night. However, when I do go to bed, it appears to me that I do get a better quality of sleep. On days when I can sleep in, I wake up feeling more alert and ready to start the day, though I still usually choose to stay in bed a little longer. On the days that I do need to get through the day, it’s often difficult to get out of bed at the right time, but I have that struggle regardless.

It seems to work, although I can think of at least once when it didn’t seem to do any real good.

I don’t use this tea every night, but reserve it for the nights when I think I’ll need it most. Like medicine, it also comes with some cautions, but it’s natural, and it helps.

I give this product 4 stars.

star-3766 star-3766star-3766star-3766

Please feel free and welcome to leave a comment if you have more details to add about this product, be they in agreement, disagreement, or addition to the statements in this post. I would especially like to know if you know where else this product might be found. Thank you!

Note: Star emoticon is from, a site full of free emoticons for use on the web. I did not check into the legitimacy of the site, and there are some emoticons that are offensive to Christians and should not be seen by children, so browse carefully. Please comment if you have any details about the emoticon site. Thank you.


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