Cold oatmeal for dessert? Yup.

A couple days ago, I made rolled oats for breakfast and add maple syrup and organic soy milk (vanilla flavored) to it.

Maybe it wasn’t as appetizing, or maybe I ran out of time, or just got full (I think it’s more the first than anything), but I didn’t finish it. In fact, I almost threw it away, but decided to put it in the fridge instead (not wanting to be wasteful).

Today, as I was planning out my lunch in my mind, I worked up an appetite for those cold oats (though I might have been thinking about them before, too). Thinking that it might have thickened into something like a cheesecake, I imagined myself cutting into it. Even if it didn’t thicken, I imagined the sweet, creamy taste. Yes, I decided it would make a nice dessert.

And even though it didn’t thicken and I ate it as I was waiting for my eggplant to bake, it did make a simple, sweet and creamy dessert. The oats had been a little tough when I first fixed the bowl of oatmeal, but by today they seemed to have softened significantly.

I had more leftover oats sitting in the fridge, and added some soy milk to them to eat the next day. I also added blueberries the next day. It’s yummy, even without added sweetener. I didn’t finish it though, because what was probably a mashed blueberry looked to me like a mashed eyeball, and so I kinda lost my appetite for it.

Yes, cold leftover oatmeal makes a nice and simple dessert and would be appropriate for breakfast, too.

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