Tofurky Melt

Makes 1 pita, split in half (making 2 sandwiches).


  • 4-8 slices of tofurky (or other turkey, chicken or ham flavored vegetarian/vegan deli meat)
  • vegan cheese (I used a couple handfuls of daiya cheddar cheese shreds. You can use that or other types/flavors of vegan cheese, including cashew cheese and sliced vegan cheese.)
  • 1 pita, cut in half  (or you can use other types of bread, even a tortilla/wrap)
  • vegan mayo and/or mustard (optional) (recommended: homemade, vinegar free mayo and mustard)
  • Earth Balance or other vegan butter/margarine or olive oil (optional, used)
  • sliced onions (optional, used)
  • sliced tomato (optional, did not use)
  • sliced lettuce (optional, did not use)
  • sliced olives (optional, did not use)
  • sliced roasted red pepper (optional, did not use)
  • banana peppers (optional, did not use)

Basically, this is like making a grilled cheese sandwich with tofurky. If you have homemade or another brand of vegetarian deli slices, that’ll probably work too.

To Make: Yes, you can waffle it! You can make this like a grilled cheese, too, or you can bake  or toast it. I chose to make mine in the waffle iron, and you can do that, too. Spread your vegenaise or other spread on the inside, add all the fillings, spread your butter/margarine on the outside (optional), and then you can grill on both sides, pop in the oven at somewhere between 300-425 until the cheese is melted and the outside is toasty, pop in a toaster oven for similar results, or put it in the waffle iron until the cheese is melted, the outside is toasty, and (preferably) the waffle shape holds (this happened for one half of the pita, but not for both, and I am not 100% sure why, but it may not have been heating evenly or it may not have been in long enough).  If you have one of those cooking irons that you can use to make grilled sandwiches over a fire), you can probably make this one over a fire, too (though it would likely be better if you used regular bread for that).

I hope you enjoy your sandwich.




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