Falafel Salad

falafelsaladFor each salad, you can add as much as necessary to make your salad the way you like it. You can also choose what type of olives to add, and can use a different color bell pepper or add other veggies—if desired. I made a plate full of salad for myself. Percentages are not exact/perfect measurements. 


  • fresh spinach (around 50% of the greens, give or take)
  • fresh lettuce (around 50% of the greens, give or take)
  • red bell pepper slices
  • sliced olives (about a handful)
  • cucumber slices
  • falafels (I used 2 round pieces and 1 patty, broken into 4 pieces)
  • dressing (I made honey mustard dressing.)

To Make: 

  1. If lettuce and spinach leaves are not already washed, I recommend soaking them in water, changing the water at least once or twice, and making sure that the lettuce and spinach is free of bugs. Toss them in a colander or use a salad spinner (if you have one) to dry the greens. You can also pat the greens dry with a paper towel. They may not be perfectly dry, and that’s ok.
  2. Tear the greens into bite-sized pieces. My pieces were on the larger side, but you can make your large, small, or somewhere in between. (You can also tear and then dry/toss, which is what I did.)
  3. Mix all veggies together and toss together.
  4. Add the salad to a plate or bowl.
  5. (Optional) Warm up the falafels. (You can also do this while you are mixing the salad.)
  6. Top the salad with falafels.
  7. Pour dressing over salad (including some over the falafels).

Also try this with mashed (or sliced) avocado or guacamole.


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