Steamed Rice and Vegetables

Today is leftover day. I had made a vegetable stir-fry and boiled rice for lunch a few days ago, and a quiche/oven-scrambled tofu yesterday. I was thinking of eating one or the other this morning, but had only a few minutes and not much motivation, so a grapefruit and a banana was my breakfast (which reminds me that I want to try making some grapefruit peel and orange peel candy tonight, if I have time).

Not only did I have some leftover stir fry and rice mixed together in a bowl (just a little bit), but I also had some leftover rice separate. I had just transferred it from the pan to a container yesterday (I think). I also had a broccoli stalk, and some asparagus and cauliflower that I was concerned might go bad (I still have plenty of cauliflower, too.). It was tempting to stir-fry it, but I’m trying to eat healthier and cut down on fried foods (and wheat products).

The idea to steam the veggies came to me, and I decided to work with that.

All the veggies used in this steamed dish were raw from the start, but the rice was leftover, cold, boiled rice. Here’s what I used for veggies:

  • carrot, peeled and shredded
  • broccoli stalk, peeled and shredded
  • cauliflower, pulled apart
  • cabbage, sliced
  • asparagus, sliced

You don’t have to limit yourself to what I used. I think just about any veggies in your fridge or freezer should work just fine, but here are some that I think would taste especially delicious in this dish (The veggies that I chose were also delicious. These are in addition to those, or instead of any of those.):

  • peas
  • spinach
  • bok choy
  • napa cabbage
  • celery
  • onion
  • baby corn
  • broccoli
  • mushrooms

And here are some that I don’t think I’d care for all that much in this (though I might like and would most likely tolerate, at least), but that you might like to try:

  • water chestnut
  • bamboo
  • bell pepper

Basically, anything but okra or tomato should turn out well in this dish. It depends on what you like, though. You might even like tomato in yours (and maybe okra, though I think you’d have to be a special rare kind of person to like okra in your steamed rice. I could be wrong though…).

So, I rinsed, peeled and shredded a carrot, and peeled and shredded some of the broccoli stalk, sliced the asparagus and pulled apart and cut some of the cauliflower and rinsed that, and also shaved/sliced some cabbage and rinsed that. I don’t have an actual steamer, so I used a big (but not too big) pot and a wire mesh colander that my neighbor is lending to me. I ran a little bit of hot water (maybe around a couple inches, give or take a little) from the faucet into the pot and put it on the stove on high, put the colander in the pot. The colandar and pot are the right size that the colander goes in slightly, but does not fall in all the way. It basically sits on top of the pot, in partially. Then, I used the lid of the pot to cover the colander. As the veggies were prepped, I added them to the colander to steam.

After everything had been steaming for a few minutes, I added in the rice. All the while that everything is steaming, I did stir it occasionally.

I may have planned just to add a little bit of salt to everything once it was steamed, but then got to thinking that some butter (Earth balance) or some oil (coconut oil) would add a nice flavor, or at least feeling to it—you know, that flavor or feeling similar to fried rice, or at least moist rice (although the steam made it plenty moist). And the thought of garlic—mm!

So, I did add about two teaspoons of coconut oil, dashed on some garlic powder and some sea salt, after the rice and veggies had steamed for a while (maybe around 10 minutes, give or take a couple or a few), and mixed it up.

IMAG0020Altogether, I think the dish steamed for about 30 minutes from the start (again, give or take a couple or a few minutes), but it could have gone for a little bit longer. Still, this simple dish turned out tasty. My bowl was filled (almost) and my belly was satisfied (I also had a cookie for dessert).  I think the taste was similar to buttered noodles with veggies.

There was enough for another bowl (or pretty close, at least) left over, and I used the same container that the rice had been stored in to put the leftovers in the fridge—for tomorrow, perhaps.

Lunch was simple, but satisfying. I was thinking about skipping supper today, but I overfilled my little box (should have brought a bigger box) at the commissary today (I was running low and had run out of certain fruits and veggies), and my bananas fell out. At least three were bruised. I made some oatmeal with peanut butter, a banana, and honey. I had begun to eat the oatmeal, but couldn’t get the traumatizing bug-fragment-in-the-peanut-butter experience out of my mind, even though I was using Smuckers this time. There were little particles that could have been anything: part of a peanut, part of a bug, rodent droppings. Even though they were brown to brownish red, and could have been peanut fragments, I lost my appetite, especially after finding something that looked like a rat foot in my oatmeal. Upon closer investigation, however, I think that it is really part of the banana (you know, that hard, grey/black part on the bottom end of the banana, far from the stem), which wasn’t that ripe and so was a little more firm. If I really believed it was a rat foot, I’d probably be in the emergency room or have taken charcoal, but I did loose my appetite. Anyway, so the oatmeal went into the compost bag, and I took out the leftover quiche/oven-scrambled tofu. I had been thinking about having the quiche for supper anyway. I made a couple sandwiches with the leftover quiche/oven-scrambled tofu on warmed up buttered bread (from our bakery here) with lettuce.

It tasted yummy, but I probably overate and a little too late in the day. *sigh*. I guess you could say I was a little naughty today.



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