TJ Farms Select, Peaches

I grabbed these peaches on my way to the check out counter at the Dollar Tree, after picking up some items for planting and a jar of mushrooms for cooking. The packaging had a simple, inviting design with a photo of some appetizing peaches on the front.

However, I happened to notice “product of China” written on the package. Now, “product of China” is a red flag. You see, I’ve read and watched in a documentary that (at least some, but possibly much more than some) produce from China is grown in human sewage/waste, irrigated with polluted water, and heavily loaded with pesticides. On the documentary that I watched, there does appear to be an effort to produce organic apples (at least), so there may be efforts to produce other fruit. However, I doubt that organic fruit from China would be sold at the Dollar Tree.

Anyway, I decided to give these a try. Opening the bag and shaking out a few peaches left me disappointed. They didn’t look anywhere near as pretty as the peaces on the packaging. In fact, canned peaches look prettier, more appetizing, and more like real peaches. Yes, these looked fake. I had hoped to take a pretty picture of carob-coconut chia seed pudding with peaches, but these weren’t worth photographing *sigh*.

The tasting was the worst part. I put one into my mouth and chewed it. It didn’t taste much like a peach, if anything like a peach. In fact, all I could taste was bitter. If I had eaten a cleaning agent, I could imagine that this would taste like that. Maybe I could compare the taste to soap? Ah! I regretted swallowing it. Let’s just say, I didn’t allow it to stay inside of my stomach. I threw away the pudding that it had touched, and did not eat another one. In fact, I just threw the bag away today.

Ah, I’m sorry for being so negative. I wish I had something nicer to say about this product. It seems to get some positive reviews online, and their website boasts of “great taste and outstanding value”.

Maybe the product that I received was tainted. Maybe it was just that one peach slice that tasted like that. Maybe it wasn’t ripe? *sigh*. I don’t know. Maybe it was all in my mind, prejudiced because I read “product of China”. Anyway, I’d recommend that you save yourself a dollar at the Dollar Tree by leaving the peaches behind. I recommend buying your peaches locally while they’re in season, or getting them fresh from the produce isle at your local grocery store. If you just need a quick peach fix, one or two fresh peaches should do, or maybe a can of peaches or some frozen peaches that can be sourced to the USA and which would have a better quality.

Please forgive me if I am wrong about this product from lack of experience. If I’ve ever had this product before, I don’t recall, so for me this is a first impression.

I’m usually satisfied with products from the Dollar Tree, so this isn’t meant to reflect on the store itself so much. I do recommend buying from the Dollar Tree, but I don’t recommend this product.

I give this product 0 stars.


Please feel free and welcome to leave a comment if you have more details to add about this product, be they in agreement, disagreement, or addition to the statements in this post. Please also feel free to comment if you know more about produce from China and how they farm, since I could be wrong about Chinese produce. Thank you!

Note: Emoticon is from, a site full of free emoticons for use on the web. I did not check into the legitimacy of the site, and there are some emoticons that are offensive to Christians and should not be seen by children, so browse carefully. Please comment if you have any details about the emoticon site. Thank you.

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One thought on “TJ Farms Select, Peaches

  1. Cindy G

    Just opened 2 bags purchased at our local Save Alot store (which is a wonderful store). Threw them away just from the look and the smell😞 I am commenting now only after doing a search on the brand and finding your post. I so agree with you. Lesson learned here!

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