Lemon Cream Tea

For every cup of tea…

Boil water. Pour it over a teabag or two  of chamomile tea in a cup or mug (or you can brew the tea in your teapot or pan ahead of time). Make it light or strong—you decide. After about 5 minutes the tea should have brewed long enough, though you could brew a little longer, if you so desire. I choose to brew my tea with one teabag. Save a little room in your cup for the cream.

Remove the teabag. You can gently squeeze out the tea that has been trapped in the bag, but you don’t have to. Rinse off a lemon and roll it around on the counter or between your hands to pre-juice it. Then cut it in half and squeeze out the juice into your tea. I recommend using a wire mesh strainer, or something similar, to catch the seeds. Seeds in the cup are OK, too, but remember that they are there so that you don’t accidentally swallow them—or worse.

Add a tablespoon or two of honey—raw honey, if you have it.

You could use sugar and another form of lemon juice, but I don’t know if it will turn out as well, and it may lack the benefits that pure, fresh lemon juice and raw honey provide. Instead of being beneficial to your health, the sugar may be harmful. If you do use sugar, raw/organic and in as natural a form as possible is strongly recommended.

Finally, add a little milk. I recommend coconut milk or Silk Almond Coconut Blend, if you have access to those, and unsweetened if possible. They may provide the best flavor. Soy, almond, and/or rice milk should also work, though the flavor may be inferior. I have not tried cashew milk—at least not that I know of. I recommend at least a couple teaspoons to a couple tablespoons, but you may make it as creamy as you like.


If you try it cold, please let me know how it turns out. I might like it cold, since it’s summer. If I get around to making it into an iced/refrigerated tea, I’ll let you know (if the Lord wills it). 


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