Lima Beans

Yes, I like lima beans. There’s hardly a vegetable (when prepared properly) that I don’t like, (except okra).  I even remember finding collards appealing when I tried them once as a free sample at Wegmans. I usually don’t like them, though.

Anyway, this post is about lima beans, not okra or collards. In addition to being delicious, I find lima beans to be quick and easy to prepare, easy to eat, and filling. Though I like lima beans, I’d rather not have them in a pot pie, soup, or a stew (unless succotash counts as stew, and I think it does. I haven’t actually made succotash yet, but am considering it.).  I’d rather have my lima beans by themselves with just a little bit of seasoning.

It’s really simple. Here’s how I like to season my lima beans.

  • salt (I use sea salt.)
  • paprika

Just seasonings. No butter, margarine, oil, or broth. There’s something appetizing about it, and they’re delicious that way.

Just take frozen or canned lima beans, cook them until they are soft, drain the water out, and mix in salt and paprika to taste.

Recently, my apartment was fumigated. I had just a little paprika left in the container and some in a bag, and threw them both away, because of potential chemical exposure, but I still wanted lima beans, so I boiled them, drained them, and seasoned them with omega 3 Earth Balance, salt, and a seasoning blend meant for chicken. It was a bit spicy, but also delicious. I can’t recommend spicy food anymore, though. Garlic, onion powder, and herbs might also be delicious on lima beans with some coconut oil or Earth Balance.

How do you like your lima beans? Please share in the comments below.

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