Comfort Foods to Cool Down With

Last week, I settled down with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or two) and a cup of almond milk. This wasn’t just any peanut butter and jelly sandwich, either.

No, this one was on our bakery fresh bread, (though it wasn’t so fresh when I made the sandwich[es]), with Polaner’s cherry, and Peanut Butter & Co’s white chocolate wonderful. The day had some beautiful and comforting memories, but it also had its share of worry, anxiety, frustrations, and stress to be sure. There was something comforting about dipping peanut butter and jelly in almond milk.

I used to like dipping pb&j in creamy soup, such as cream of potato—and still do, but a cup of cold almond milk seems more appropriate for summer, and has it’s own charms.

Another comforting food for the summer, I’ve found, is frozen dates. It’s so simple and satisfying. At the end of a long day of work in the heat, it’s a sweet way to cool off.

Of course, watermelon and cantaloupe is also refreshing, too.

And, while hot oatmeal is most charming in the cooler seasons, a bowl of granola is both satisfying and comforting in the summer. I like mine best with cold milk (such as almond or coconut almond blend). While I add an apple for the health/nutritional benefits, and do enjoy the taste (some times), I also like banana or banana chips, grated coconut, flax meal (ground up flax seeds),  and sometimes peanut butter in the granola, too. I’ve found these to be the most comforting way to enjoy granola, so far (of course, that’s not referring to granola bars).

And now I’m thinking of no-bake cookies. I’d sure like to make some. I have some white chocolate peanut butter. What else should I put in them? Coconut? I’ve eaten a buttery carob no bake cookie, too, which had layers. Maybe I could make a buttery no bake?  I like to keep mine in the freezer. They make such a delicious frozen treat.

But maybe not today…I may need to get more florida crystals first.

What kind of comfort foods do you cool down with in the summer time? Please leave comments below. I’d like to read from you.


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