Modern Day Slavery, and Other Reasons to Avoid Fish

Yes, there’s evidence that Jesus ate fish and fed people fish (see Luke 24: 42 & 43, John 21:13, and there are other examples), but those were simpler times when the fish was healthy and caught by free men as needed. Now, here are many reasons not only to avoid eating fish, but to boycott it. Don’t even buy it for your cat. Seriously.

#1: Slavery and Overfishing

#2: An incurable disease.

#3: Thirteen Reasons. 

#4: Poisonous toxins in puffer fish.

#5: Inhumane preparation.  (Watch the whole video for more reasons.)

#6: Unbelievably inhuman preparation. (Watch #5 and #4)

#7: Tuna is unclean. It’s also unclean itself, if it’s true that the scales are buried in/under the skin.

#8: Overfishing

Do you need more reasons? I can find more. Please leave a reply to share your reasons for not eating fish. Sources very much appreciated. Thank you.

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