Red Hummus Tomato Burger

I made these with tomato burgers, but you can use other veggie burgers, or maybe even a vegetarian chicken patty. The hummus tastes kind of like cheese to me, and the fresh tomato salad makes other condiments unnecessary.

For each sandwich…

  • 1 bun/roll or 2 slices of bread (You could also use this combination in a lettuce bun, wrap, or mix it into a salad instead, if you prefer, or you could also make an open-face sandwich with one slice of bread or half of a roll/bun.)
  • 1 vegetarian burger
  • roasted red pepper hummus (basil pesto may also work, but it wouldn’t be a “red hummus” tomato burger)
  • fresh tomato salad

To Make: 

  1. Toast bread if desired (not necessary).
  2. Cook or reheat vegetarian burger (if you are using the homemade veggie burger recipe that I linked to, then it should be already cooked and you shouldn’t have to reheat it if you don’t want to, unless it just came out of the freezer and is ice, and you don’t want to bite into or can’t chew the ice).
  3. Recommended: spread a thick layer of hummus each slice of bread. For less hummus, you can spread on one slice per sandwich, or spread more thin.
  4. Place burger on bread.
  5. Top burger with bruschetta topping.
  6. Close sandwich with the other slice of bread.

Yes, I know it’s very simple. And it’s so yummy. Mmm.


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