A Time for Eating

God gave us counsel through Solomon that there is an appropriate time for everything (see Ecclesiastes 3:1). This would include meal times, too. The Lord warns us through His inspired messenger, Sister Ellen G.H. White (deceased) that eating at improper times is considered a “serious evil”. It is difficult for your food to digest while your body and/or even your mind is under stress. It’s best to wait after performing vigorous exercise or physical work, so that your body and mind may both relax. If you are exhausted, or overheated, you need to rest and cool down before you should eat. Digestion is hindered not only when the body is “heavily taxed”, but also when the mind is under stress and overworked. I have learned from experience that this is true.

You should also let your mind rest as you eat. You may be tempted to study for a test or get some extra work done, but the Lord has given us counsel that “At mealtime” we need to “cast off care and anxious thought.” In addition, we should relax and “eat slowly and with cheerfulness, with” our hearts “filled with gratitude to God for all His blessings.” We are given council to “take time to eat” and are counseled that if we are excited, anxious, or in a rush, we should wait “until rest or relief is found” before eating, “for the vital powers, already severely taxed, cannot supply the necessary digestive fluids.”

If you can, take time to enjoy your lunch. If time is strictly limited, and the next meal is too far away, eat less and chew your food thoroughly. Some things can wait, can’t they? If not, at least there’s still supper time (though it’s best to eat a few hours before bed time, having had enough time after lunch for your food to digest).

(See Counsels in Diets and Foods #’s  167, 168, 175, found in chapter 5, Physiology of Digestion)


By, Jessie

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