Vegan Cheese Sandwich


A delicious, yet simple Sabbath lunch. From left to right: (top left)carob chip muffin from Clark’s Bakery (bottom left) coconut almond milk; open-faced cheese sandwichs, avocado and sun dried tomato with basil pesto hummus on bread. 

There are many ways to make a vegan cheese sandwich. Recently, I’ve especially appreciated open-faced cheese sandwiches, as it’s a way to save on the bread while enjoying two sandwiches, instead of having only one sandwich or using four slices of bread.

Here is the most recent way that I can recall enjoying some vegan cheese sandwiches:

  • bread (cold, room temperature, or slightly toasted)
  • vegan sour cream or coconut oil
  • dill weed and/or dill seeds
  • parsley flakes
  • oregano
  • turmeric (optional)
  • sea salt

Just spread the vegan sour cream or coconut oil on the bread. I recommend warming the bread if you use coconut oil, as melted oil is better and hard oil is not so good (when it’s hard, it’s like eating wax). Sprinkle on the salt, herbs, and turmeric. Add the vegan cheese. I made these sandwiches with some homemade cheese that a friend gave to me. She also gave me the vegan sour cream, and I made these sandwiches with both. The seasonings may have varied, too. (Optional) You can also toast or grill the sandwiches. Remember, I recommend warming up the bread when using coconut oil. You also do not have to use the herbs, and can use other herbs (rosemary, basil, thyme, etc) and even sesame seeds.


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