Magnesium & Vitamin E Bath

I can only speak for myself, but this is the bath that I don’t want to leave—even when the water’s cooled.

There are many health benefits of a magnesium and vitamin E is good for skin and hair.  The Bible tells of a man named “Naaman”, who went down into the Jordan seven times and being cleansed of his leprosy, and came up with skin as smooth and new as a baby’s. I believe that was a miracle of healing performed by God, and God gave us natural remedies, too. Believe it—I pray before my bath.

God made us to function and survive best with the proper nutrients from the proper sources, and He gave us water, and water has its own function in healing. I go down into the water with prickly, itchy skin and stay in the water for a long time. Not only is the bath itself soothing, but I come out with my skin feeling smooth and stronger, and not so itchy and prickly. My hair feels stronger, too.

The bath itself is very relaxing and it’s great for stress relief. The first time I took this bath was at the end of a very stressful day, and I felt so much more relaxed and in a clearer mind when I came out of the tub.

You don’t have to follow the exact recipe. I don’t actually measure the oil, though I do count out the tablets.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Clean your bathtub, including the spout, handle, and at least the walls of the tub (though if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned the tub or the walls, you may need to do a thorough scrubbing up and down and all around). If you use chemicals, such as bleach or chemicals made for cleaning bathrooms/tubs/showers, thoroughly rinse your tub and give it some time to dry (at least 30 minutes to a couple of hours. I’ll be honest, I lack the patience here and didn’t give the tub as long as I probably should, at least the last time.).
  2. Plug your tub and make sure the water will hold. For my most recent baths, I’ve had to unscrew the plug that was in the tub, stuff half of a sock (I cut and tore it in half or almost half) into the drain, and then put another plug on over it.
  3. Fill the tub just a little (maybe up to your ankles) with warm water.
  4. Add 6-7 magnesium tablets (vegan, 100% natural tablets). You may try other sources of magnesium, but I am not sure how the effect will be when combined with the oil (will it counteract the oil, for example?). You’d have to do the research (and so would I, if I were to use something else, which I may in the future). If you know, then please feel free to share in a reply to this post.
  5. Pour in at least 1/4-1/2 (or more, if desired) of grape seed or olive oil. I recommend grape seed oil because it contains vitamin E, or olive oil because it is also a healthy oil (recommended: 100% extra virgin expeller pressed olive oil).
  6. Get ready for your bath if you are not already ready) and get in the tub. Why do I recommend this? Because if you fill it up and then get in, the temperature may not be right. I recommend also rinsing off your feet in the bathroom sink or in a container full of water before getting into the tub. Why? Because otherwise you might get yucky things that were on your feet into the tub. Be very careful getting in and out of the tub, and adjusting your position. Grab hold of a bar or something if one is available, to keep from slipping and falling. Remember, a tub might be slippery anyway, especially if wet, or the bathroom floor might be slipper, but OIL=SLIPPERY! 
  7. Sit in the tub and finish filling the tub, adjusting the temperature of the water as necessary. I recommend warm water, not too hot nor too cold, but hot enough that it does not cool down too quickly. Very hot water is not good for your skin, but water that is hot, but contains some cold can still be relaxing. Adjust at your discretion. Also, break up the magnesium tablets and stir them into the water better (if you went ahead and used the tablets instead of something else. If you use salts, then I recommend mixing the salt in, too. You may need to mix in whatever magnesium source you’ve used.)
  8. Relax. Splash and rub the water over your skin. Rub some of the water on your face and ears if you will not be submerging your face in the water, so that your face and ears can also get the benefits of the oil and magnesium. You may also want to get your hair wet and rub the oil and water into your scalp.

I also recommend having a glass of water to drink if you will be in the bath for a long time, and a bowl of cold water (maybe even ice cold) with a wash cloth to cover your forehead with, or to splash onto your head/face if your water is hot (to cool you down a little so that you hopefully don’t get overheated). Also, shift your position in the tub every few minutes or so.

When getting out of the tub, be very careful. Hold onto something. I recommend draining out the water and rinsing off with cold water. The magnesium tablets that I use did not fully dissolve, and are gritty, and stick to my skin, but  I still don’t recommend scrubbing your skin with soap right after the bath. If you must scrub, scrub gently with a wash cloth and no soap. Try to rinse your hair well, too.

I recommend taking this bath in the evening before bed, and leaving the oil on your skin at least overnight, up to two or three days (no, I’m not telling you not to shower, but recommending that you shower gently so as to treat your skin well and allow it to heal and strengthen).


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