Clark’s Bakery

One delicious thing about living in Tennesse is Clark’s Bakery. My first sample (that I am aware of) was their danishes, sweetened with honey and dates, which I purchased at the local health food store here (The Rose of Sharon). These danishes, which looked similar to big pecan swirls or cinnamon roles, were a bit disappointing in comparison when it came to flavor, but they were still very yummy, especially warmed up and dipped or soaked in almond, soy, or almond coconut milk.

Having been reconsidering my diet and lifestyle, I have grown to appreciate Clark’s Bakery more for their healthy and nutritious goodies, including and especially the bread and some of the desserts. I do also enjoy the danishes, too. Now, Clark’s Bakery is one of my go-to breads (along with crisp bread and another healthy bread that I will try to look at and write the name and website down to share later). When I am buying for myself, it is usually Clark’s Bakery and/or crisp bread.

I find some of the same and some different products from Clark’s Bakery at different health food stores here in Tennessee. Some of their products that I have tried include their whole grain: bread, sub rolls, muffins, pizza crust, focaccia, carob balls, carob clusters, carob chip cookies, and almond pecan or some similar cookie made with oats. I may have tried their fruit cookie, too. And, I have had their apple pie and also their granola.

Clark's Bakery Pizza Crust with hummus, herbs, avocado, and sun dried tomatoes

I especially like the bread products (including the sub rolls) (especially warmed up with peanut butter and applesauce or coconut oil and herbs, pizza crust and focaccia (especially with hummus and other toppings), carob balls and carob chip muffins. The bread products (including the pizza crust and focaccia) and their cookies are my favorite, except for the puffy carob chip cookies that are leavened with ener-G baking powder. They are the most disappointing of Clark’s Bakery products, and I am not sure that they are healthy, nor that I can recommend them. I do not think I can recommend the muffins or any of their baking powder leavened products not even ener-G, at least not until I know more about it). I like their carob chips, too, but am not sure what the malt is that are used to sweeten the carob chips, so I do not know if it is total vegetarian or if it is dairy. I suppose I should ask. I hope it is not dairy. I also like their carob balls and apple pie, too. For the most part, the only really disappointing taste was the puffy carob chip cookies that are leavened, and I do not think I will eat any more of any of their ener-G baking powder leavened products, because I do not believe baking powder is healthy. I don’t know if the kind they use is harmful to the health, but I know that most baking powder is. That’s why I stopped recommending it. I like their granola, too, though it seems to be better dry.

They have sprouted grain breads, too. I am not sure if I tried the sprouted grain breads, but I did try their whole grain breads. They even have a raisin bread, potato bread, and herb breads and olive bread. I would like to try more. They have fruit bread, too, which I also like. I noticed in one store they sold mini loaves of bread, which were cute and flavorful (that’s the fruit bread that I ate). The tiny loaves can fit in one hand and still have a lot of flavor hearts.

Anyway, it is GMO and total vegetarian (meaning that it is vegan except for honey, but there is no diary and eggs). They use other seasonings besides cinnamon and avoid cinnamon, which wins them more favor from me. They use better sugar sources and do not use the refined bone-char processed sugar. They do sweeten with honey, which many vegans may have a problem with, but not everything is sweetened with honey. They also use Non-GMO (and I think organic) products.

Overall, I give Clark’s Bakery four stars. I definitely recommend their products.



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