The Rose of Sharon

A new health food store and deli opened up in town about a couple months ago, I think back in July or August. Since then, it has been growing and bringing in more products, including more products from Clark’s Bakery. This store is called The Rose of Sharonnamed after its owner, who is a nice lady. The little family business is new, but already has some good products in stock, including herbs and seasonings, agar agar powder, natural vegan medicines, and is where I purchased my first and at least a few of the (that I am aware of) Clark’s Bakery products that I enjoyed, photographed, and shared with you in the hummus pizza post. It’s also where I purchased the charcoal salve, activated charcoal capsules, and ginger featured in my first aid starter kit video.

If you don’t see a product that you are looking for, you can ask Miss Sharon and she will consider purchasing it to add to her shelves. Some prices are high (as can be expected in a health food store), but so far it seems that all or most prices are reasonable, and some may even be better than WalMart.

Her inventory varies, but usually includes natural toothpaste, natural medicine and salves (and I think herbal supplements are included when I say “medicines”, salves are also included, but I have mentioned them also just to be clear that they are there also), nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and veggie meats (most not vegan), herbs and spices, and products from Clark’s Bakery.

There is also a vegan deli at The Rose of Sharon, where burgers and wraps are sold. I have tried all of the smoothies (so far), but not the juice, and have found them all to be satisfying and yummy. My favorites are the mango and the banana split. I think the mango is healthiest. I had the green smoothie without the greens and found the taste to be interesting, but I think I can say that I liked it. Perhaps the interesting flavor was the avocado. It wasn’t the best out of the three, but it was OK and satisfying.

You can also purchase chips and bakery products and other snacks and eat them there at the store.

While mentioning snacks, I think they even have some snacks for birds in stock there.

I have found Miss Sharon also to be generous and kind and open to suggestions. Free health seminars/classes/advice are offered at her shop also, and you can find out more about those and stay updated by liking her facebook page.

I cannot recommend all the products in this store, particularly most of the veggie meats, products containing sugar (which I believe includes the banana split smoothie), vinegar, spicy, or brewer’s yeast (for purposes other than leavening), but I do recommend visiting this shop and purchasing a few items, especially if you live in Dayton, Tennessee.

Products I recommend: Clark’s Bakery products, natural salves and medicines (including activated charcoal), herbs and seasonings such as ginger and dill seeds, natural toothpaste, organic flours, nuts and seeds, dried fruit products not containing sugar, and the mango smoothie.

It’s true that the deli takes a while to get your order, but it’s worth the wait, and you can shop, purchase a few things, and eat while you wait, or you can possibly order, go visit other places, and come back for your order. You might even be able to get away with picking out a few things to eat or drink, eating or drinking while you wait, and then paying when you are finished eating (we did). She also offers free reading material that is well worth looking into, reading, even taking home and sharing.

They also might be changing the menu for winter to warm drinks and soups. I would like to know what she’ll be serving. I probably won’t be in the area much longer, but I do recommend liking her facebook page to stay updated, and visiting her to see the new things in the shop and on the menu.


I give The Rose of Sharon four stars.


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