Fixing Burnt Lentil Stew

We had leftover lentil stew today.

It was delicious a couple days ago when we made it. It was a little burnt on the bottom, but one couldn’t really tell, for it didn’t taste burnt. But we left it in the fridge until today in that same pan. Apparently the burnt flavor went throughout. It didn’t seem to be too overpowering to me, and I don’t know if what I was tasting was really burnt or not, but it didn’t taste quite right.

I’ve heard burnt flavor compared to smoke flavor. So—how do we fix that?

For two to three bowls (not exact) of soup, added about a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses, two tablespoons of maple syrup, added some turmeric and paprika, a little more sage, more salt, and the juice of at least half of a lemon before reheating. Mixed it up and tasted it, added a little more sage, and then reheated it, stirring often enough.

Uh-oh, a little secret ingredient slipped in unwanted. It was either a kitty hair or one of my hairs or something that looked like a hair.  onigiri5_zps7aedd08e I should have tied my hair back and brushed myself off as I am accustomed to do. I hope it was clean. Tried to fish it out, but seemed to just stir it in. Confessed the mistake, but it was OK. As far as I can tell, it didn’t show up in my bowl. If I ate it, maybe didn’t notice it too much, though it seemed I did get something in my mouth similar to hair. onigiri7_zpsd4042f16 Don’t know what it was.

Well, despite that, the soup turned out alright. It was different. The other diner said that she did not taste the burn anymore, though she did taste something else, and the lemon flavor was strong. I tried to put in a full lemon, but lost some of the juice, so I’m pretty sure it was more than half. I liked the lemony flavor and think I liked the new flavor overall. It was like eating a different soup almost, a whole new flavor (pretty much), though a somewhat familiar flavor to me.

Note: Onigiri emoticons are made by Paper Mache Dollfie. To find out how you can contact her and/or get some of these, please contact me. Thank you.

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