Mashed Taters &Turnips

Or you can use rutabagas.

SUNP0047The lady of the house brought home some turnips (or rutabagas, and after a google search for the comparison, I think they’re turnips, but am still in doubt). She suggested we mash them with potatoes. What a delicious idea!


  • 4 potatoes
  • 2 turnips (or rutabagas)
  • about 4 pinches or up to 1/2 tsp salt (I used celtic sea salt)
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed
  • a hearty dash of ground rosemary (or a pinch or two)
  • a hearty dash of ground thyme (or a pinch or two)
  • a pinch or two of oregano
  • 2-4 Tbsp coconut oil (or you can use other oil)
  • water

To Make:

  1. Scrub the potatoes and turnips. Remove sprouts, leaves, and bad parts.
  2. Boil or steam turnips and/or potatoes until soft (about 30-60 minutes, depending. It took longer than half an hour for us, and I cooked them for about an hour.).
  3. Remove them from the water .
  4. Peel turnips/potatoes (Alternative methods: You can also peel and even slice or dice them before cooking, and they may cook faster, but we cooked ours in the skin first, as it may be healthier. You may also leave potatoes unpeeled if you like peels in your mashed potatoes. Then, drain out most of the water. )
  5. Pour a little water in a pan (about 2-4 Tbsp, or about 1/8th to 1/4 of a cup, starting with the smaller amount first).
  6. Add salt.
  7. Add crushed garlic.
  8. Bring to a boil and boil about 5-10 minutes (to cook the garlic).
  9. Add herbs, potatoes, turnips, and oil.
  10. Mash all together. Add a little more water to moisten, if needed.

It’s better to go lighter on the salt during cooking and sprinkle on a little more after cooking. So, when in doubt, start with a pinch or two of salt, taste, and sprinkle on a little more before eating.

We served ours with split peas and a delicious diced veggie salad, which, to be creative, I’ll call curcurbit & pepper salad.

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