Love in a Bag of Potato Chips

“Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you your heart’s desires.” (Psalms 37: 4, HCSB)

We went into town a couple Mondays ago for errands and shopping. Much to my disappointment, it seems that this WalMart has discontinued honey bars. I hope that other WalMarts will still carry them. To me, they are a healthy alternative to candy bars, and I consider them to be healthy, and not to be junk food, although they tend to satisfy the craving for junk food. Being out of a job, I’m also low on the $$$, too, so I don’t know if I would have purchased any, but God is providing my needs. I looked at the cliff energy bars and luna bars, but the selection has gotten much narrower for me, trying to avoid even a tiny amount of alcohol. As tempting as the luna bars were, I left them and continued to poke around the isles. Potato chips, crackers, oreo cookies—so many temptations! But most of them are harmful, not food. Plain potato chips and some crackers/crisp breads are the least harmful (and in the case of the crisp breads and low-sodium, perhaps harmless, though perhaps that is overly optimistic and they may still be somewhat harmful for reasons), but the Lord has been providing plenty of food for me to eat, and I did not need to waste money on food.

But, I was also thirsty, so I purchased a Naked vegan protein drink and sat down on a bench. The taste was disappointing, but I would rather have that taste without the vanilla flavoring and the alcohol that would come with it (or polypropylene glycol or the beaver butt juice that might come with imitation vanilla flavoring). I can’t say that it was memorably delicious, but it was OK.

I got it down, and sat for a while. Finally, I got up to find, at the check out isle, that the chief grocery buyer had purchased potato chips! I was so happy, and have had potato chips since. The Lord has satisfied the desire of my heart.

I have been enjoying the potato chips, too. I think that my heart is satisfied and content now. I’ll be happy to leave them alone for a while when this bag runs out, or switch to low sodium, if possible.

God is good. He gives us what we need, and even what we want (though not always, and that’s OK, because it’s usually not good for us). Why do I thank God for it? The enemy of souls could have tempted me with oreo cookies or something else that I know is harmful, and that I shouldn’t be eating, but I felt comfortable enough eating potato chips. The biggest danger is the salt, and it seems that there’s less sodium in half of a regular-sized bag of potato chips (for a family or a couple of people to share) than in a block of ramen noodles, and less than the daily salt limit. Low sodium would be better. Anyway, I feel that potato chips is something on the list of things that I can eat, and I have been thoroughly enjoying them. In fact, yesterday I put them on an almond butter and blackberry fruit spread sandwich (and it turns out that peanut butter and jelly potato chips, which I had been skeptical about, are delicious). The fruit spread was another desire of my heart being met, and so was the sandwich.

And, along with healthy and delicious food and interesting meals, fun to eat and cook and new tastes, I have also had vegan cheese lately, and plenty of goodies. So, I am thanking God for providing my needs, giving me plenty to eat, and even satisfying my heart’s desire. I am becoming satisfied, too, where I think I can cut down on these things soon.

Do I always get everything that I want? Of course not, but God gives us what we need, and even will at times give us things that will make us happy, that are good for us. Sometimes He even allows us to have things that are not good for us, because we insist on it, but hopefully we learn from those experiences? The point? God really does satisfy the desires of the heart, even though it may not always be as we want. And, He always gives us what we really need, and what is for the best.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.” Matthew 6: 33, HCSB

But, in case I am tempted to discouragement when I do not get what I ask for, or how I ask for it, or when things do not go my way, or when I do not get what I think I need, or what I want, I like to repeat this quote:

“Not without a purpose does God send trial to his children. He never leads them otherwise than they would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning, and discern the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling, as workers together with him. He subjects them to discipline to humble them, to lead them, through trial and affliction, to see their weakness and draw near to him. As they cry to him for help, he responds, saying, “Here am I.” He is not regardless of the entreaties of his children. He bears long with their impenitence, and when they turn to him, he receives them graciously.” (Ellen G. White, Review & Herald, March 7, 1912 par. 1)

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