Potato Pie Crust

Potato Pie Crust: 

Boil one quart dry, mealy potatoes.

The moment they are done mash them, and sift through a colander.

Stir thoroughly together one cup of Graham flour, and one cup of white flour, then add the potatoes, rubbing them evenly through the flour in the same manner as the shortening in common pie crust.

Have ready one cup corn meal; pour over it one and one-third cups boiling water, stirring it till all the meal is wet, then add it to the potatoes and flour, mixing only till thoroughly incorporated together.

No more flour should be added.

The moulding-board should be well covered with dry flour, however, as it is slightly difficult to roll out.

It should be rolled very thin, and baked in a moderate oven.

NOTE. – It is very essential that the above conditions should all be complied with. Bear in mind that the potatoes must be hot, and mixed immediately with the flour; the water be poured, while boiling, upon the corn meal, and the whole mixed together very quickly and baked immediately. Inattention to any of these requisites will be quite apt to insure a failure.

From Health, or, How to Live (1865) by James White

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