Rye and Indian Bread (Bonus Apple Bread Pudding Recipe)

Rye and Indian Bread:

Take one part rye meal, or coarse wheat meal, and two parts of Indian; pour boiling water…over the Indian, and stir it till the whole is sufficiently wet to work in the meal without adding any more water, and then, when about milk warm, work in the meal. Should the dough be too stiff, add as much warm, but not hot, water as may be necessary; bake in a round iron dish from three to five hours. This bread, when new, or a day or two old, may be sliced and toasted; it is very sweet and wholesome.

The crust is apt to fall off; this may be wet in water and put in a stone jar with some moderately tart apples, peeled and sliced, nicely covering the apples with the crust; then add a little water, and cover the dish with a tightly fitting cover; set it on the stove till the apples are cooked, and then take the crust off into the plates; sweeten the apples to suit the taste, and spread it over the crust. This is an excellent dish, if care has been taken to prevent burning the crust.

From Health, or, How to Live (1865) by James White

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