Buckwheat (Breakfast Cereal)

Of course, it’s good in pancakes. Turns out, buckwheat cooked as a hot cereal retains that delicious buckwheat flavor, too, and you can have lots of fun with it either way. This post is about buckwheat as a hot cereal.

We use the groats (seeds), and cook ours about half an hour with thrice the water, I think. Sometimes we cook raisins in it, and sometimes dates, both of which add a little bit of sweetness. We usually use a little bit of salt, but I think it isn’t necessary in hot cereal.

Raisins or dates with nuts (walnuts or pecans especially) are especially delicious. You can add honey or maple syrup, or molasses for extra sweetness and flavor, and I do occasionally, but find I can go without the extra sweet. Sometimes we put in almond butter.

It’s also delicious with fruit spread.

Usually, we grind some sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (shells removed from both) and add it to our cereal.

I like to load mine with banana, too. I’d like to try it with cooked apples, too, if I haven’t already.

Buckwheat cereal is delicious.


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