Pizza Biscuits

SUNP0086Pizza biscuits are yummy prepared a variety of ways. They’re good warm or cold, and can be stored in the freezer. You can pack them in a lunch or eat them for breakfast. It’s up to you. I like them best this way, so here’s how I recommend making them:


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup chick pea flour
  • 1 cup of tomato/spaghetti/pizza sauce, seasoned to your liking
  • recommended fillings: spinach, mushrooms, sauteed onion, sauteed bell peppers (the sweet peppers, green, yellow, or red), olives, fresh basil. In the most recent batch, I used spinach and sauteed onion, though I had wanted to use olives and mushrooms also. We didn’t have any. You can also fill with vegan meat and/or tofu ricotta/cottage-style cheese, or other vegan cheese, and/or other vegetables. Use as much as you like, within reason. You should be able to tell if your dough is overloaded, as it may not hold together very well.
  • about 1 tsp-1Tbsp of oil (recommended: 100% extra virgin cold pressed/expeller pressed olive oil, as organic and fresh as possible)
  • toppings: vegan cheese and herbs
  • salt

To Make: 

As mentioned already, there are many ways to make, season, and fill these. You can use other types of flour, and/or one type of flour. I think using chick pea and oat flour has yielded the best and healthiest results so far. I don’t remember whether the other ones tasted better, or these, but I like these best so far.

  1. Preheat oven to about 425 degrees Fahrenheit, or between 400-425. I used a toaster oven, and am not sure what the difference will be. I’m also not exactly sure what the exact temperature was, though it was around there. Check on them sooner with the higher temperature, especially in a conventional oven.
  2. Grind oats into a flour (blender or coffee/spice grinder recommended), or you can use oat flour.
  3. Mix well with chick pea flour and a pinch of salt.
  4. If your sauce is already prepared, you can go ahead and mix the sauce into the flour. I used strained tomatoes/plain tomato sauce with tomatoes being the only ingredient, and then added a lot of basil (recommended, about 1/2-1 Tbsp sweet basil), some rosemary (at least a couple pinches, and at least a pinch or two of oregano (go easy on it), crushed in some garlic (maybe 2-3 cloves, recommended, if you use it), added at least a pinch or two of salt, or ground in some salt, anyway, and a little bit (1 tsp-1/2 -no more than 1 Tbsp, recommended) maple syrup), and sauteed red onion were mixed in. I think I used some thyme, also. Maybe a pinch or two, recommended. You can use other herbs/seasonings, too.
  5. Pour sauce and add fillings to the biscuit mix.
  6. Mix well into a biscuit dough. Dough should be thick, though you could make thinner patties, if you’d like. These turned out the thickest and best in shape, so far. Before this, I got patties. Mix well to get all the flour and ingredients mixed in.
  7. Grease cookie sheet(s) or baking pan(s).
  8. Scoop out dough and drop onto the cookie sheet(s) or into the baking pan(s). I recommend having at least 1/2 of an inch of space in between them, though they probably won’t rise or expand, at least not by much.
  9. Bake for 30-45 minutes.
  10. Top with vegan cheese (optional, for you can have them without cheese, if there is no vegan cheese available to you, or if it is too expensive, or if you prefer your pizza without).
  11. Return to oven and bake another 15-30 minutes, for a total baking time of 45 minutes to 1 hour (lower temperature may need the full hour, check sooner than 45 minutes for higher temperature).
  12. Garnish with a light sprinkle of herbs (oregano, basil, and/or rosemary, recommended).

This made 5 for us. We made them kind of big/average biscuit size. You can make big ones or mini-pizza biscuits/pizza bites, but they may take less time in smaller scoops.


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