Garlic Tofu Wrap

It’s quick, easy to make, portable and delicious. I bought fried tofu from Makro (which is like Sam’s Club, but for Thailand, and with a different membership policy), but you can fry (or bake) your own tofu, seasoned however you desire (but if it’s seasoned certain ways, you may not want to add more garlic to it). Yesterday I enjoyed it toasted, and also ate a tofu and orange marmalade wrap (this one is a more natural marmalade and the orange is bitter, so it wasn’t as good as the garlic one). I toasted them in a rice cooker.

To make these, place a large tortilla on a plate or cutting board (or whatever clean surface is available to you). Add your tofu. Drizzle on some olive oil (100% extra virgin and fresh is best). *Pat on some garlic powder and sprinkle on a little salt (or you can use garlic salt), and add a pinch or two of herbs. I shook some marjoram onto the tofu, and it was delicious. I could also recommend oregano, thyme, and/or rosemary. Fold the end closest to you away from you. Fold in the two side ends, and roll your tortilla away from you, toward the farthest end, pushing in the tofu (you should fold the first part over the tofu as completely as possible. Then toast your wrap, folded side down. You can toast wraps in a waffle iron, *rice cooker, oven, or frying pan.

*To pat is to hold the bottle or jar not completely, but horizontal and somewhat slanted down toward the food, and to pat the bottom of the bottle to force out some of the contents. If you’re not comfortable with this, or do not see a need to, you can also shake, or add a pinch or two, or dash, whatever distributing method is most convenient for you.

*To toast wraps or burritos in the rice cooker, roll them up and put them folded-end down. The toasting will seal the wrap or burrito. You can switch the rice cooker onto “cook” until the wraps/burritos are golden brown and sealed. If your rice cooker has other settings, use whichever you think is best.  To toast in a frying pan, use a little oil. To toast in an oven, I recommend somewhere between or at 350-425 degrees. Check after 3-5 minutes for the higher heat, about 7-10 minutes for the lower heat, but those times are guesstimated. Your wrap may have a higher chance of cracking in a waffle iron, but will be fun to eat. Please grease the waffle iron for your own convenience.


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