Som Tam

Also known as spicy papaya salad. However, I usually go without the spicy. A teacher taught me how to make this. I just helped her. Since I’m the only vegetarian here, the teacher had me set some aside on a plate. Here’s a recipe to make it vegetarian.


  • roasted peanuts
  • shredded green papaya
  • tomato
  • long bean (green beans/snap beans can be used instead) fresh
  • fresh garlic cloves
  • fresh lime juice
  • salt

The teacher used sugar, but I didn’t like that part, and think it’s unhealthy and unnecessary to add sugar. You can also add some chili peppers (pounded) or chili powder (just a little) for a kick.

We didn’t have roasted peanuts, so we fried the peanuts (without oil), by putting them in a hot, dry wok and stirring constantly.

To make the shredded papaya, the teacher washed (I think) and peeled the papaya, Then we pounded it with the blade of a knife, turning it many times, and sliced it. You can also use a shredder or peeler, but it seems like the Thai way is to pound it all around with the blade of a knife until you can scrape off the shreds.

Wash your vegetables and slice them. You can cut the tomatoes into wedges. Pound a few cloves of garlic (per serving) and the long beans (we used a mortar and pestle).

When everything is prepped, you can mix everything together, adding a pinch of salt (per serving), a little bit of chili and if you really want sugar, just a pinch (or a little bit of something else sweet and preferably healthier). Or you can mix together the papaya, lime juice, chili and peanuts and prepare a fancy, decorated plate using the tomatoes and beans as garnishes. If you do that, may I recommend pounding the garlic separately and mixing into the papaya. Per plate, I recommend one small tomato, a handful of long beans, a few small cloves of garlic, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar (if using), and as much lime juice as you like. I like sour, so I added a lot. Maybe you’d like to try just a tablespoon first? Oh, and a handful of peanuts.


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One thought on “Som Tam

  1. My favorite dish 😍🌶

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