Tomatoes on Garlic Toast

You can also use Texas toast or garlic bread, but I make my own. It’s more of an idea than a recipe.


  • Bread
  • Oil (I use 100% extra virgin olive oil, but heard that coconut oil is less or non carcinogenic when heated, as opposed to olive oil which is very carcinogenic when heated.
  • garlic powder (alternatively, you can use fresh garlic cloves)
  • salt
  • herbs (I recommend oregano and dried basil, but I don’t have basil. You might also like to try some thyme or rosemary. I recommend crushed, dried leaves.)
  • tomatoes

Since I don’t have a toaster nor an oven, I bought a sandwich maker, which can also be used for frying (not deep frying, but if you want to fry an egg or something) in addition to making toast and toasted sandwiches. I’ve found it’s best not to close the sandwich maker all the way, and it only takes maybe about three minutes for the toast to burn, so has to be checked early. Alternatively, you could try a waffle iron, a grill/griddle, or an oven. Or you can make the toast in a toaster and then add the oil (which will be less carcinogenic and I should be doing that), but if you’re using garlic powder, it might be strong.

I use raw tomatoes, but might like to try the tomatoes toasted, too. It’s up to you how you will do it. You can spread or drizzle a little oil onto the bread, dash on the garlic powder and then toast those two together, add the fresh tomato slices and dash on the herbs, or you can spread or drizzle the oil, add the garlic and tomatoes, toast it all together and dash on the herbs.

To use fresh garlic, peel the cloves and slice off an end. Toast your bread (with or without oil) and rub the flat end of the garlic (the end that you sliced) on the bread. The more firm your toast, the better this should work.


Enjoy ^_^

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