Fried Glass Noodles


  • oil
  • morning glory (Alternatively, you can use spinach.)
  • mushrooms (I used enokitake.)
  • soft tofu
  • http://vegan cooking sauce (Alternatively, you could try a teriyaki sauce or soy sauce. Each has a different taste.)
  • water
  • clear noodles
  • secret ingredient (I used something like a vegan chili “paste.” It’s like small crumbled burger with chili pepper [spicy], black sesame seeds and a hint of sweetness. I’m not sure how to mimic this, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about and don’t live in Thailand, you can try a sweet chili sauce or other vegan chili paste, or try spicing up a little bit of crumbled veggie burger and sprinkling in some black sesame seeds…or just sprinkle in a bit of ground chili powder or some red pepper flakes, or go without the spicy entirely.)


To Make:

  1. Wash morning glory and mushrooms.
  2. Grab a bunch or two (large handful[s]) of fresh greens (morning glory/spinach). Chop with a few quick strokes of the knife, leaving big pieces. Set aside.
  3. Cut off the bottom of the stems of the mushrooms (the dirty looking part).
  4. Chop the mushrooms. I just used two or three cuts.
  5. Slice or dice the tofu.
  6. Heat a wok.
  7. Add oil, at least a couple tablespoons.
  8. As soon as the oil’s hot (should only take a few seconds), add greens, mushrooms and tofu.
  9. Stir constantly until the greens darken and become soft. The tofu may not crisp (but it might).
  10. Add a little bit of water.
  11. Add noodles.
  12. Add a little bit more water if the noodles absorb all the water.
  13. Continue to stir constantly.
  14. Add sauce. If you need to measure, start with a teaspoon or two, taste, and add a little bit more if needed.
  15. Continue to stir constantly until the water is mostly absorbed.
  16. Add a tablespoon of chili paste (if using) or a pinch or two of chili powder/red pepper flakes (if using instead).
  17. Stir for another minute or two, unless it’s burning (in which case, remove it from the heat).

Enjoy ^_^.

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