Fried Carrots

As I boil water for a warm bath on this rainy day, I thought I’d share what I had for lunch today. I should have taken a picture, but was a bit too lazy. It was a delightful, simple taste comparable to buttered carrots, except this has more to it.


  • carrot(s)
  • baby corn (or regular corn)
  • onion(s)
  • mushrooms (I used enokitake.)
  • seasoning (I recommend garlic powder, salt, honey, chilli and lime juice, but what I used was a type of sweet and slightly spicy chili sauce and cooking sauce.)
  • Oil
  • Water (I didn’t use this in the cooking process though I did use water for washing the vegetables, but keep some water on hand in case you need it.)

To make this, first I washed the vegetables, then diced the carrot (well, kind of diced, maybe not quite as instead of cubes I ended up with some deformed/misshapen rectangles and perhaps other shaped chunks), peeled and sliced the baby corn,  peeled and sliced the onion (for a plate of fried vegetables I use a medium-sized onion, about the size of a tennis ball, give or take a little) and cut the dirty-looking part off of the bottom of the mushrooms and made a slice in the mushrooms.

Then I heated a wok and poured in some oil. After the oil heated, I poured in all the vegetables (the onions were cut into big enough chunks to take some time cooking) except for the mushrooms. Stirring constantly, I cooked the vegetables until the carrots began to soften, and then added the mushrooms and continued stirring constantly. As the mushrooms began to stick, I poured in the sauce (for this, start with a little and then taste and add more if needed if you’re not a good judge just by looking). I really don’t recommend sauce, though, but a little fresh lemon or lime juice, a pinch or two of salt (per plate), and a hearty dash of garlic powder and a pinch of chili pepper (if using) and a little honey if you’d like it sweet. This is the healthier option. I think I didn’t need to use water because the sauce was wet, but if you’re using seasonings or if your vegetables are still sticking and burning with the sauce (or without), you might need to pour in just enough water to protect the vegetables from burning. Keep stirring constantly until the vegetables are soft enough for your preference and most of the liquid has evaporated.

Enjoy ^_^

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