Creamy Garlic Noodles


  • thin rice noodles
  • coconut milk
  • water (a little)
  • vegetables (I recommend morning glory, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and/or onions.)
  • garlic cloves or garlic powder (You can also use garlic salt, but if you do that, you may want to be careful about using regular salt also.)
  • salt
  • herbs (I usually use oregano, but rosemary, thyme and basil can also be used.)

To make this, wash your vegetables in water (for tomatoes, I sometimes use a little soap and rinse them well). Peel your onions. If using mushrooms, make sure to wash them well and slice off the bottom part (the part that looks dirty). Slice your vegetables and put them in a pot with a little water (enough to keep them from sticking to the pan and to get them cooking, and if you want to use less coconut milk (because coconut milk has a lot of fate), you can use a little more water, enough so that (combined with the coconut milk) the noodles can soften.

If using garlic, I recommend washing and crushing the garlic cloves. I usually peel my garlic for this kind of recipe (actually for most recipes except lately if I want to stir-fry something, I might leave the peel of the cloves on the cloves, though the thicker peels should be removed, for this recipe though, please peel the garlic completely). If using garlic powder, just dump some in (maybe about a teaspoon to start, if you like a lot of garlic, less if you don’t like garlic so much). Add a pinch of salt (you can add more later if it’s not salty enough, but if it’s too salty you might not be able to fix it except by adding more of the other ingredients). Add herbs.

Stir. Cover. Boil until the vegetables soften. Then add the coconut milk and return to a boil. Keep an eye on your pot, because it might boil over (it might in the first stage also, but is more likely to boil over after the coconut milk has been added) and make a mess (it happens to me many times). Stir occasionally.

Add noodles. Turn off the heat. Let the noodles set in the sauce until they have softened.

Enjoy ^_^

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