Um…not all my recipes are vegan…

So, in Thailand and Cambodia I have been doing a lot of cooking with eggs. Even though I’ve come up with some new recipes, I haven’t been sharing them, because I know some of my followers here are vegan. It’s really up to you if you will continue to follow me or not if I post a recipe that happens to include an egg or a non-vegan product. I’ve never been 100% vegan, though I stopped cooking with eggs and eating many obvious egg dishes (fried eggs and omelets, for example) for a few years (except every once in a while). Yes, I feel guilty. Yes, I would like to and expect to cut eggs out of my diet again in the future. I’ll try not to eat them every day, but now I am using them. Some of my recipes are vegan, and some are not. I hope you don’t mind if I post some of the non-vegan (but still vegetarian, unless you don’t consider eggs vegetarian, but basically there is no meat nor fish) recipes. I don’t cook with cow’s milk, so even my egg recipes will probably use soy or coconut or rice milk. When I post such recipes, I’ll give suggestions (such as tofu) for substitutes. Is that ok?


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