Leftover Day

Leftovers…Maybe you cooked this really big meal, and forgot to serve it, or maybe people weren’t as hungry as you thought. Maybe you bought some food that you forgot to use, or had leftover ingredients. Or maybe you just made a lot of food for yourself and weren’t as hungry as you thought. Maybe you’re the careful type who makes a lot of food, in case you have unexpected guests, or maybe you live alone and just like to make everything ahead of time. There are a lot of ways that people (and you, too) can end up with leftovers. While many leftovers taste delicious (and sometimes even better) the next day, and two or three days ahead, sometimes we just want something different. Sometimes we also have an ingredient leftover that is just kind of boring all by itself. Here are some ideas for what to do with certain leftover food items. These recipes are not 100% accurately, everything perfectly measured out recipes, because I’m not super careful when cooking leftovers, and what I have leftover and how much I eat may be different from how much you have left over and how much you eat…So, whether you need to fix up those leftovers for yourself or your whole family, here are some ideas. Measurements will be left up to the imagination.

Leftover Sandwich Fixin’s and Rice Noodles

I returned to the studio from Bangkok on Friday after a very comfortable bus ride. Really, the long-distance busses in Thailand are much better than in the US. I could have gone another 12-24 hours if Thailand were big enough. Of course, we were traveling VIP. It was very nice. I freshened up a little in the morning before returning to the studio, and managed to get washed up before lunch. A staff meal was prepared. I tried to contribute some delicious bread, but they had enough bread, so I kept it for myself to make dessert bread this morning. I actually call it dessert bread even without the extras, because it is not too sweet, but has a light cinnamon flavor and a variety of seeds. We had sandwiches and spaghetti, and were given the leftovers. I was offered two plates of sandwich fixin’s. I passed on the one plate of tofu and eggs, because the tofu had a flavor I didn’t care for, although I probably would have eaten it, and I’d like to abstain from eggs for at least a few weeks, since I’ve eaten so many in Bangkok. I did accept the plate of sliced vegetables, though. Yesterday for Sabbath lunch that plate of veggies came in handy for a simple salad, for which I mixed the lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and onion (the latter of which I broke into smaller pieces) with the chilled vegetarian ham that had been steamed on Friday afternoon, and poured on some coconut oil, squeezed on some lemon/lime juice, and mixed it all together with a little Himilayan pink salt and garlic salt. It was nice.

Today I used the rest of the leftover veggies with some rice noodles kept over from the week before my trip to the city. I’ve discovered this Thai summer that cucumbers actually taste pretty good cooked, and discovered from a friend that lettuce can be fried with noodles, so combined the ideas. It’s really simple. Just took the leftover sandwich/salad fixin’s (lettuce, tomato, onion, and cucumber), rinsed them again, and boiled them for a few minutes in a bit of water with a pinch or two of Himalayan pink salt, then added rice noodles, celery seed (because I didn’t notice the powder when I was looking for it), celery powder (because I think it gives more flavor in such short time and it was added pretty much as an afterthought and I had finally found it after adding the seeds), garlic salt, and sesame oil, then cooked it for a few minutes longer until most of the water was absorbed. There was still a bit of broth, and that was ok. If I had more oil, I might have fried everything, but this had a nice, light flavor.

It probably makes a difference that the lettuce was iceberg lettuce or a variety very similar to it. I am thankful for the leftovers, since I didn’t get much for this week and it added some more vegetables to my diet. It’s kind of funny, because my superior and his family took me to buy groceries, and I had forgotten about the leftovers, I think, but still didn’t get much for this week, but the extra veggies are very much appreciated.


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Mexican-Style Salad

Had some leftover beans in the fridge… Continue reading

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Easier than Pie

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Sweet Potato Jin Deui

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Fixing Burnt Lentil Stew

We had leftover lentil stew today.

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Quinoa Chia Cereal & Olive Crisps

Yesterday (Sabbath) we had some cooked quinoa and raisins left over from breakfast the day before. I added it to my chia seed cereal and poured some more soy milk over it. It was delicious.

Today for lunch I finished off some leftover peas and brought out some old rye crisp bread (at least 3 months past the sell-by or best-by date, but still edible), poured some olive oil over it, added thyme, oregano, sweet basil, and salt, and sliced up some leftover olives (not the bitter spanish olives). I try to go for the lightest/least bitter olive oil. It was still a little bitter, but the thyme and maybe sweet basil and salt helped to sweeten it/make it less bitter. The meal was satisfying (with an energy bar for dessert), and the oil and herbs and salt help to make the crackers taste better/less stale.

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Random? Leftovers

Today was leftover day, again. I was going to cook up a beet (though I wasn’t so sure I would actually eat it today) and found that it had already rotted (and it was starting to stink up my fridge, too, I think)—yuck! Should have cooked it earlier.

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Steamed Rice and Vegetables

Today is leftover day. I had made a vegetable stir-fry and boiled rice for lunch a few days ago, and a quiche/oven-scrambled tofu yesterday. I was thinking of eating one or the other this morning, but had only a few minutes and not much motivation, so a grapefruit and a banana was my breakfast (which reminds me that I want to try making some grapefruit peel and orange peel candy tonight, if I have time).

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Cold oatmeal for dessert? Yup.

A couple days ago, I made rolled oats for breakfast and add maple syrup and organic soy milk (vanilla flavored) to it.

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Cheese (or Gravy) Toast

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